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    fish anywhere! but really love the fresh stuff
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    fire poker


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    fine leg, diving one hander, 1995,la franz oval nundah


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  1. James W

    James W

  2. just another white bucket...this is where this site and others are bad for the fish we love..its a shame
  3. hope the "mojo" comes with that boat!...some mad fish been caught off that rig :woohoo:
  4. James W

    Cod Country

    thats it! that is the fish! congrats ryan...wish i was there to watch it all unfold, ..well i sort of was, but i was landbased behind yas..lol (saw ya cars)... beautiful fish mate...lost combo?? who cares! lol
  5. im a pretty good boyfriend to my missus...last xmas i got her a sunbeam mixmaster compact..now this mix master was given to her in hope of cakes,cookies and all that other yummy stuff..now 7 months later, its still in the box unopened!..so im selling it to buy some cakes and cookies!! now i know this isnt a "cooking" site but im sure someone knows someone who will bake "them" a cake...did a bit of checking online, big W want 98 bucks, and the good guys want 80 bucks...since its still in box, il sell it for 70 bucks..so if anyone wants it, il leave it on afo for 1 week before i throw it on ebay. pick up,delivered if on northside or meet ya half way (fishin opportunity) pm me if ya keen.......and il have a cake once ya had it for a while
  6. lol...must be the grey hairs bringin on the "grump"
  7. yep... im over "public" fishing platforms..over seeing all the undersize fish and crabs go in the bucket. squid dont like cast nets or crabpots smashing the water surface and i dont like hearing some bozos crap radio station blaring on the jetty either....lol the masses can have the jetties
  8. hahahhah classic! prety sure i "dont" want dino to rub my lures now!
  9. yep good idea to crush the barbs in there, with all the turtles lurking around
  10. i love the sol 2000..its great..i dont have anything bad to say bout it....its my pride and joy..well worth the money...i reckon u wont be dissapointed mate
  11. well zim..ya first bet bet is..to pick me up on the way!!! go mud island if the wind is good
  12. mate..no problem..the worms aint small tho
  13. sorry to hear mate u have his knowledge now to pass on..