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  1. Most of the fishing was just the same we fish here for our bass, yeah the lures were mostly bigger then what i would use prob cause of the huge mouth that the bass have. The fight was much the same too only diff was when they would come up and jump, we did seem to fish a fair bit shallower then i would later on in the day too.The guide tha i got was pretty young and could of been better i dont think he had much xp being i guide prob would of picked up more from a better guide. Still had a blast.
  2. Just got back from a month long trip to the states with a quick stop in canada was a great trip took my little girl and the missus and the mother inlaw. Did all the usual tourist things Disneyland, Universal Studios,San diego Zoo,San diego Seaworld and i had to do Vegas which was awesome. I did get away from all the girls for one day and hit the water, i had a trip booked with a local guide in san diego to go and chase some of those largemouth.The fishing didnt turnout to be that great but i didnt care it was still awesome to do something i have dreamed about for as long as i can remember.Ended up with six bass best of the day was my first and on surface too. Anyway ill let the pics do the rest of the talking . Cheers 5lber Some of the sort of stuff we were fishing NORDIC
  3. Awesome pics mate well done . Cool group photo , too bad stu's head cut one of your bass out hahaha
  4. Nice report angus ,Don't forget your one on surface ended up being big bass for the day . My two landed and one lost surface bass were on zipping ziggies. Once we hit the weed we were using 1/2 bassman spinnerbaits . I'm pretty sure you and I may of just had a bigger bag thanks to your big fella . Well done cranking your first on a spinnerbait mate . All up you and I landed around 14 bass from small to 36 cmfl. Thanks for the fun day . Ps hows your head ? Hahaha
  5. Beetle spin mainly = bass. Ray beetle spin is a widely used lure for targeting toga .
  6. Ash yak for sure . Madmullet since the floods when the dam filled there is next to no weed anywere in the dam . A few months back the gorge and all that side of the dam was slow as lucky to get anything over there . Timber was awesome in march with all this cold weather it has slowed a lot . You will def have to look deep for schools . good luck mate .
  7. hahaha yeah thats right i got cancer hey angus lol
  8. My two best for the day 37fl and 35fl . Was good to see ya again mate well done on your first bass on a plastic mate top fish . Thanks again for the loan of the Nordic stage loved it and would recommend it to anyone great little light rod .
  9. Seen your car at the ramp today ray , i took my little one out for the first time with the missus only got two hours on the water before she cracked it we managed to get into them biggest 40cmfl
  10. ha ha ha mate i know those bream and that grass your secret is safe with me lol
  11. hope you like crowds mate theres a comp sunday prob with around a 60 to 70 boat turn out