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  1. Also interested to know, I'll be heading up there and Agnes Waters/1770 next month for a week
  2. Has anyone tried those "Stingray" sunnies out at BCF? https://www.bcf.com.au/p/stingray-barb-polarised-sunglasses/M526264.html?dwvar_M526264_color=Black / Blue Lens&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIk7eU0sv46gIVQgwrCh1Seg94EAQYASABEgKrwfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  3. Hey mate, Yeah I’m thinking a rod around 9 foot. I’m just wondering if there’s any specifics I should look for in a rod for jigging metals and lures
  4. Thanks man I'll look into them
  5. Hey there, I'm after some advice on which rod to pair with my Saragosa 6000. I'm interested in doing some inshore jigging off the beach/rocks. I'd like to spend around $150 - $200 Or if anyone knows of a jigging thread/page on what rod etc to use that'd be great
  6. I'm currently looking at reels on dinga.com.au, great site for discounted fishing gear as it's an online store, a lot cheaper than bcf and your other go to tackle/rod stores
  7. Sorry mate should've specified that too. I like spinning reals, line capacity isn't too much of an issue. Fishing 10-30m's of water, hoping for long tail tuna, reffies, snapper etc, something universal would be perfect if I could Thanks mate
  8. Hi there guys, hope all is well during this storm here in QLD and NSW. I'm wondering what sort of reel I should buy for going deep sea fishing with my mates on the weekends, I'm looking to budget $200-400. I'm thinking either Shimano or PENN, open to Daiwa. I'm thinking of using 20-40lb braid and 50-70 lb mono on the end depending on situations. Preferably spinning reals, not a fan of baitcasters. Would be using livies, dead bait, few metal slugs and soft plastics, occasional hard bodied lure. All advice/info appreciated
  9. Ps if anyone ever needs yabbies down goldcoast way, southport tackle and dive do 20 for $7 and they are like they've just been pumped out!! Always best to ring up and book a couple on the weekend
  10. Cheers fellas but can't be stuffed pumping yabbies on my birthday haha, I'll grab some worms, fresh mullet and some fresh prawns on the way
  11. Carseldine Tackleland may have some.., does anyone know of anywhere that usually always has them from Brisbane - Sunny Coast ways? Not too far off the highway etc? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey there guys, heading down to the maroochy river on Sunday for my birthday and hiring a 8 person bbq cruiser for the family couple mates and the misses. Would like to BUY some live yabbies to save time, I would pump them usually but I just want to get on the water and kick back and reel some fishies in lol! If anybody could suggest anywhere in Caloundra or on the way to Maroochydore that would be much appreciated. Or even in Brisbane on the way to Maroochydore.
  13. Looking at going on one with keely rose at rainbow beach, heard great reviews both online and from work mates
  14. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has some good goldcoast fishing charters or one they could definitely recommend. Looking to go on one with my mates if hey pull through or my family for my birthday on the 26th of this month. Cheers, Puttee