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  1. @natang @ellicat g'day guys i ended up taking my nephew out to the boat ramp at first but it was a bit too chockers with some rougher people so we moved to colleges crossing where the nephew caught a 24cm bream that for its size was a chonker, we let him go and moved to kookaburra park as the young one was desperate to catch a real live catfish. we caught three catties (biggest was maybe 30cm max) which he went bonkers over and an eel which he was terrified of. The heat of the day and all the adventure caught up to him at this point and he was nodding off holding his rod so i took him home, this was my first time really spending time with him by myself and i'm beyond grateful you guys put me onto some good spots for him to have fun at. so thanks guys i really appreciate the help. ps. he is already bugging his father ( a very indoors type of man) to take him fishing next weekend
  2. thanks Ellicat and Natang i will give those areas a go and let you know how the young one goes, much appreciated guys
  3. G'day all im looking to take my brothers kid (6 years old) out for his first ever little fish as he has recently discovered fishing videos on youtube and is in love with the idea, does anyone know of any easy access spots in the goodna area that i could take him for a flick? doesn't matter what species are about i will even go for catties i just want the young fella to have a bit of fun, landbased only as my wife wont let me get a boat haha cheers for any help you can give lads sam
  4. thank mate much obliged, im gonna go check out the parks listed there and have a go of ti
  5. g'day everyone ive just recently gotten into fishing as a way to get out of the house while im out of work and im looking for good land based spots to fish in and around the north pine river, ive no specific fish in mind to target as i just enjoy catching them then letting them go. any advice for some good spots would be much obliged. cheers sam
  6. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!