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  1. Best Catch Yet

    Would have hit the magical 60cm if you stretched the legs out a little!
  2. Interesting creature.

    I pulled one of those out on a hook. It took the prawn and swallowed the whole hook, didn't seem to bother it that it was curved.
  3. Gold Coast JP.

    That's great to see there are still some around there. Gets me excited for the future!
  4. Mary River cod recapture.LAFMA.

    Could have been fishing for Bass and caught it?
  5. Baby Bass and Monster Mary

    Sucks to hear Fenelious, always enjoyed your reports. Ignore the negative feedback. Always the same few that ruin it for everyone else

    There was hundreds of penalties on both sides that didnt get awarded. Its interesting the things that get blown up when the team loses. JT gets a penalty because it was not in a tackle and directly in front of the ref. BOTH teams were leading with forearm and using swinging arms all night. How about the QLD grub Myles 3 punches to Tamoa's chin!? Where is the penalty? At the end of the day, its all part of the game, refs miss calls. Get over it. Go the Blues! Well said. Fantastic win by the blues!
  7. STATE of ORIGIN 2014

    Awesome win by the blues!!!!
  8. 4x4 help! Landcruiser ute vs navara

    Pre 04 i believe had some issues. The grenades were majority in the ZD30 patrols
  9. dolphin? In North Pine Dam?

    Very strange. About 15 years ago next door in Lake Kurwongbah I remember being snapped off constantly in this one section of the lake when it was in one of its lower level points. Right near a drop off at an estimated 5 metres of depth fishing from the bank with worms. it would slowly pull the line down then i would strike and as soon as the rod loaded it would snap off clean with one headshake and thats with the drag backed off. That was on 15 pound line. Did it about ten times. Upgraded to 40 pound line but never had a bite after that
  10. Club Membership

    Good idea!
  11. bass migration

    Id say the amount of fresh from the last flood from the sunshine coast area would have made that easily possible
  12. Caught in the back yard

    Sensational! Every persons dream!
  13. What The?

    Of course that sounds more respectable :whistle: Should be he was drunk and loud....*Gets shot*.... One less oxygen thief = Society wins
  14. What The?

    He should've received a bullet to the head, piece of scum
  15. Agree 100% So much hate towards police these days. If you do something wrong you should get your ass handed to you. End of story Majority seem to be from drunken behaviour then they complain how its the alcohol...grow up