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    "I'm offshore right now, leave a message after the beep"


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    From Brisbane originally. Like to keep up to date with what's happening on the fishing scene there. Not a boat fisherman, as I work on boats. Under the influence of alcohol tend to think I can dance.
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    Marine Engineering Surveyor
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    Contributing to the local tackle industry by getting continually busted up flicking plastics and live prawns deep under wharves, landing the occasional good fish!


  • Fishing Types
    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    Softplastic Lures
  • Favourite Lure
    offshore- grey halco laser pro 190 crazy deep. Inshore- 2" Gulp shrimp
  • Favourite Bait
    live prawn by a long way
  • Best Catch
    40(ish)kg 2 (ish)metre Spanish Mackeral on 15 kg mono- Snapper Island off Daintree river

Personal Bests

  • Tailor
    probably about 55cm
  • Bass
    just little tackers in SEQ dams
  • Kingfish
    got one once about 4kg fishing for jew at Tweed mouth
  • Bream
    Get occassional 2(ish)kg pikey bream pretending to be jacks
  • Yellowbelly
    Definately not! I have a more pale freckly belly
  • Cod
    Got a QLD groper about 40kg once, released of course
  • Mackerel
    See best catch
  • Flathead
    Got some big mommas down Tweed before-maybe 80(ish)cm?
  • Saratoga
    yes please, I am a toga virgin (toga the fish that is, not toga parties-in that I am black belt)
  • Mangrove Jack
    about 60cm one late night in Cairns inlet
  • Cobia
    about 13kg
  • Tuna
    About 20kg dogtooth
  • Snapper
    10.53kg- landbased Garden Island WA-have photo to prove it!
  • Grassy Sweetlip
    I dunno, about 40cm
  • Jewfish
    2 black jew about 15kg- Warrior Reef, Torres Strait and Off Daly River NT- have photos
  • Shark
    I rate them with catfish as a nuiscance- caught some 3m plus tigers in PNG and Torres Strait
  • Barramundi
    About 15kg- Cairns inlet
  • Trevally
    30.5kg GT- Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati
  • Whiting
    Not a word of a lie-used to get some 45+cm beasts in the Tweed as a kid- only on squirt worms!


  • Boat Owner
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    That thing in the shed with a hole in the bottom
  1. Braid Straight To Your Lure

    I like braid straight through for barra on bibbed hardbodys - the lure 'works' harder (wobbles more sharply) when there's no stretch in the line. Noticed with leader it cushions the action of the lure a bit, whereas braid straight through, the lure wobbles much more strongly - night fishing for barra under lights they seem to home in on a strongly vibrating lure more. The same theory has worked for me with trolling for wahoo - except there seems to need some cushioning (via mono leader) or get a lot of unexplained bustups, so in the past ive just kept the leader to two metres max. Troll two identical lures, one on braid and one on mono, and how much harder the lure works on braid is really obvious - also seem to get about 10 strikes on the braid to every one strike on the mono.
  2. northern nsw Cod Reconnaissance New England - Severn Nsw

    Great read, can't wait to see more cod stories!
  3. A bit mid-high end but well worth the money; the Diawa airport V2 travel rods are awesome. I have one now for when I come back to Aus to fish. - match with a Diawa Sol 2508 and 8 pound braid - 12 pound-ish leader - 1/12 oz size 2H TT jigheads - Berkley powerbait 2 inch minnow in the smelt colour - bottle of loctite for a little drop to secure the plastic to the jig head (so it doesnt slide down) - bit of gulp scent (or similar) on the plastic - cast out and let sink to bottom, two very sharp jerks and let sink to bottom again. Repeat. Two years living in the Central Pacific (Tarawa 2005-2006) refining my SP techniques landbased in the lagoon almost every day after work; this was my best lagoon fish producer.
  4. south queensland Pinkenba Boggy Creek Landbased

    i reckon 20lb mainline and a metre or longer 30lb leader, with a nicely presented live bait (nice big prawn or a 6 inch mullet), or at the least a fresh bait like a butterflied herring. another thought, going by the responses your fishing on a bridge? If so, something that works very well in FNQ is instead of casting away from the bridge, drift live baits right in amongst the pylons. I've never seen this done in SEQ, but if you try it, keep your 50lb braid on, and fish your live bait drifting it with the tide right under the bridge in amongst the pylons - dont be scared to get right in the snaggy country and fish a very heavy drag to basically muscle fish out from under the bridge. Use a very long leader to let the bait really swim (e.g: 2 metres) and pin the bait very lightly (like lip hook in the mouth, or very last joint of a prawns tail). Basically you want a very active live bait right in the faces of fish living in the snags. You will get busted off a lot if there's big jacks, golden trevally etc under there, but worth it if you manage to pull one fish in four out. A lot of my old reports on here are fishing this method.
  5. south queensland Pinkenba Boggy Creek Landbased

    When I visit Brisbane for holidays, I always get good bream in the Brisbane river by fishing unweighted prawns close to the snaggy banks/ mangrove roots on high tide. That's using light gear (6 pound braid, 10 pound leader). Your 10 pound outfit may be ok for that, maybe invest in a castnet and fish large live baits on the 30 pound outfit; 30 pound braid and 50 pound leader is pretty hardcore - maybe use it to target bullies and salmon with big mullet; I'm no Brisbane expert but I think overly heavy for general fishing there though so may as well use it to target big stuff. I'm not overly experienced with fishing the Brisbane river (I'm from Cairns), but I think using mullet strips and pillies may be just using candy for endless pike eels and catfish; maybe switch to castnet caught live prawns and mullet so better chance of something with scales!
  6. south queensland Brisbane Fishing Help

    Suggest watching some fishing for flathead videos (e.g: the Starlo & Bushy's squidgy fishing video series) to get some technique info, then chase flathead around SEQ; I reckon your best chance of catching decent size fish on a regular basis would be to become a SEQ flathead guru.
  7. north queensland Land Based Spinning

    Palm Cove jetty just north of Cairns. Rocky headlands between Cairns and Port Douglas. Both fish better throwing metal in winter though.
  8. south queensland Hunting For Jacks

    This was nearly 30 years ago, but late night under Barneys point bridge (north side) at Tweed used to regularly work for me. Incoming tide on hot summer nights.
  9. Trevally Around Brisbane

    Boyds Bay bridge southern side is easy land based access. Little hardbodies work a treat and theres giant herring there too
  10. Trevally Around Brisbane

    Uptide side of Boyds Bay bridge at Tweed on a new moon ebb tide at night. Used to see trevally gather there to smash the prawns then.
  11. New To Fishing In Aussie

    Yeah same here I just read but not post on there, I gave up fishing in SG, too far to travel for me to get somewhere decent for fish (my local is Labrador park which has sucked for fishing for me!). Your really close to Brisbane River, I've been going to Brisbane a lot for holidays since living in Singapore (cos flights are much cheaper than home to Cairns), and found Brisbane River fishes surprisingly well.
  12. New To Fishing In Aussie

    I live in Singapore and just went on a holiday to Brisbane for some fishing, had surprisingly good results. You'll get much better fishing in Brisbane than SG. Have sent a message to a friend who doesn't live too far from you, see if he can show you around some fishing spots in your area. Are you a fishing Kaki member?
  13. Tully Jungle Perch

    I'm actually on holiday in Brisbane right now so couldn't tell you how the weather is in FNQ!
  14. Tully Jungle Perch

    I fish JP's in my local creeks in Cairns. Stealth is the key- if they see you its all over. Any lure works so long as you get it in the right spot without spooking them. If the water is dirty from rain runoff, you get cricket score catches of them.
  15. Thanks heaps for the answers everyone, stradbroke sounds good. Let me know if you need Cairns land based info- I hear fishing has become outstanding now it's been a couple of years net free ( I haven't been home in a year) cheers all