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    From Brisbane originally. Like to keep up to date with what's happening on the fishing scene there. Not a boat fisherman, as I work on boats. Under the influence of alcohol tend to think I can dance.
  • Interests
    Contributing to the local tackle industry by getting continually busted up flicking plastics and live prawns deep under wharves, landing the occasional good fish!
  • Occupation
    Marine Engineering Surveyor

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    "I'm offshore right now, leave a message after the beep"


  • Fishing Types
    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
  • Fish You Target
  • Lure Types Used
    Softplastic Lures
  • Favourite Lure
    offshore- grey halco laser pro 190 crazy deep. Inshore- 2" Gulp shrimp
  • Favourite Bait
    live prawn by a long way
  • Best Catch
    40(ish)kg 2 (ish)metre Spanish Mackeral on 15 kg mono- Snapper Island off Daintree river

Personal Bests

  • Tailor
    probably about 55cm
  • Bass
    just little tackers in SEQ dams
  • Kingfish
    got one once about 4kg fishing for jew at Tweed mouth
  • Bream
    Get occassional 2(ish)kg pikey bream pretending to be jacks
  • Yellowbelly
    Definately not! I have a more pale freckly belly
  • Cod
    Got a QLD groper about 40kg once, released of course
  • Mackerel
    See best catch
  • Flathead
    Got some big mommas down Tweed before-maybe 80(ish)cm?
  • Saratoga
    yes please, I am a toga virgin (toga the fish that is, not toga parties-in that I am black belt)
  • Mangrove Jack
    about 60cm one late night in Cairns inlet
  • Cobia
    about 13kg
  • Tuna
    About 20kg dogtooth
  • Snapper
    10.53kg- landbased Garden Island WA-have photo to prove it!
  • Grassy Sweetlip
    I dunno, about 40cm
  • Jewfish
    2 black jew about 15kg- Warrior Reef, Torres Strait and Off Daly River NT- have photos
  • Shark
    I rate them with catfish as a nuiscance- caught some 3m plus tigers in PNG and Torres Strait
  • Barramundi
    About 15kg- Cairns inlet
  • Trevally
    30.5kg GT- Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati
  • Whiting
    Not a word of a lie-used to get some 45+cm beasts in the Tweed as a kid- only on squirt worms!


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    That thing in the shed with a hole in the bottom

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  1. With our fast growing population, lets hope the sustainability of the catch rate remains - including maintaining their habitat to sustain their numbers. And I agree, the winter run sea mullet are friggen delicious! 5-10 bucks a kilo for fillets in Winter when they are running = bargain.
  2. tiotony

    south queensland Shrimpin

    Shrimp trap rigged like this would be awesome: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=588aBtSNXE8
  3. tiotony

    south queensland Coomera River Species?

    With the shredded leader my call would be big salmon - salmon are shocking for fraying up leaders.
  4. tiotony

    south queensland Land Based Goldy, Tweed Area

    Rough going only four fish for all day - I had similar lack of success when I was down that way this time last year. Heart breakingly tragic how much the Tweed seems to have declined since I was a kid down there in the eighties.
  5. tiotony

    south queensland Land Based Goldy, Tweed Area

    If you go the other side, you can access the bank in areas from the motorway bridge down to the Navy cadets
  6. tiotony

    south queensland Land Based Goldy, Tweed Area

    Back in the day used to get a lot of flathead and trevally on the seagrass/ rock edges there, its even better on the opposite side of the river down Drydock road too, but the seagrass edge is really only accessable by boat on that side - shame because there always used to be a lot of fish busting up early morning on that side.
  7. tiotony

    south queensland Land Based Goldy, Tweed Area

    Suggest try walking the bank between the canal on Kennedy Drive and Pacific motorway bridge, flicking the edges of the rocks and weed beds on the flood tide - park at the boat ramp car park just down from the canal mouth. Or blades on the runout tide on the down tide side of Boyds bay bridge - park near the boat hire on the southern side of the bridge.
  8. tiotony

    south queensland Jew Fishing Land Based

    Where I was getting them was land based in the Logan River at Rotary Park Road at Alberton. Mind you this was a few years ago on a holiday in Brisbane and I was staying fairly close by. I got the beach worms at Gem Bait & Tackle which is literally on the way there. There was only a very small bite window for about 20 minutes just on high tide (before and after slack water was bugger all). Was getting jew every high tide. 30-odd years ago when I lived in Brisbane, I used to also get occasional Jew under Barneys Point bridge at Tweed on late night high tides. Also, regularly there was some serious action on late night ebb tides on the downstream side of Boyds Bay bridge at Tweed - bait gets channeled through the narrow section where the bridge is, and the predators sat just outside the lit up areas downstream of the bridge. Would suggest making that drive on a new moon, planning to arrive on a late night slack water high tide and fish through the ebb - don't know if there's still enough mangroves left down there now to support a prawn population, but back in the day there used to be a 'prawn run' under those conditions and there was always predators smashing them under the bridge lights - if it still occurs I expect shallow diver hardbodies and high sticking prawn patterns (like Rio Prawn) would work a treat.
  9. tiotony

    Hello From Fnq, Freshwater Shrimp Q

    If you just want small ones, scoop in calm backwater parts of Freshwater creek and you'll get more than enough. Probably any creek in Cairns would be the same.
  10. tiotony

    south queensland Jew Fishing Land Based

    All I could suggest to improve jewfish chances is if you can get your hands on live beach worms, and use a big bunch of them on slack water high tide. I know it sounds weird, but was told by Brisbane jew guns that they LOVE beach worms (even when not fishing in the surf), and it has worked for me extremely well in the Logan river when I've been down there on holidays - live prawns and mullet not getting touched but big bunch of beach worms getting hit in the slack water period every time.
  11. tiotony

    Hello From Fnq, Freshwater Shrimp Q

    No worries, I'm from Redlynch but living in Singapore right now - used to get plenty of shrimp around Redlynch/ Kamerunga etc. to feed a mate's mangrove jack! If you want bigger ones, go down at night with a torch - they come out of hiding at night, including really big cherabin.
  12. tiotony

    Hello From Fnq, Freshwater Shrimp Q

    Scoop net in any Freshwater Creek, there's billions in there. Scoop around the calm water areas where there's leaves collected on the bottom. Try around the back of Freshwater Christian college in Freshwater creek.
  13. tiotony

    Hello all

    Welcome and nice to hear you've had positive experiences in Australia so far - the attitude/ media reports overseas that Australia is a racist country is so very far from the truth; I am an Australian living in Asia and hear this misguided mindset all the time.
  14. tiotony

    Question Related To Fishing Rules

    I think part of the fun of fishing is experimenting with different things and gaining experience in your local areas, until you get it all worked out and nail fish regularly. I've seen people on here before doing running trip reports of their learning curve in their local spots - exactly what they did/ where they went, and how successful they were every trip. I for one have enjoyed reading their learning experiences and noted many people respond with helpful tips.
  15. tiotony

    south queensland Floundering About The Shallows

    A mate of mine in SEQ who is (I think) a soft plastics flats fishing for flathead guru, seems to gets heaps of flounder in the cooler months in his flathead haunts