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    From Brisbane originally. Like to keep up to date with what's happening on the fishing scene there. Not a boat fisherman, as I work on boats. Under the influence of alcohol tend to think I can dance.
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    Contributing to the local tackle industry by getting continually busted up flicking plastics and live prawns deep under wharves, landing the occasional good fish!
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    Marine Engineering Surveyor

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    "I'm offshore right now, leave a message after the beep"


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    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    Softplastic Lures
  • Favourite Lure
    offshore- grey halco laser pro 190 crazy deep. Inshore- 2" Gulp shrimp
  • Favourite Bait
    live prawn by a long way
  • Best Catch
    40(ish)kg 2 (ish)metre Spanish Mackeral on 15 kg mono- Snapper Island off Daintree river

Personal Bests

  • Tailor
    probably about 55cm
  • Bass
    just little tackers in SEQ dams
  • Kingfish
    got one once about 4kg fishing for jew at Tweed mouth
  • Bream
    Get occassional 2(ish)kg pikey bream pretending to be jacks
  • Yellowbelly
    Definately not! I have a more pale freckly belly
  • Cod
    Got a QLD groper about 40kg once, released of course
  • Mackerel
    See best catch
  • Flathead
    Got some big mommas down Tweed before-maybe 80(ish)cm?
  • Saratoga
    yes please, I am a toga virgin (toga the fish that is, not toga parties-in that I am black belt)
  • Mangrove Jack
    about 60cm one late night in Cairns inlet
  • Cobia
    about 13kg
  • Tuna
    About 20kg dogtooth
  • Snapper
    10.53kg- landbased Garden Island WA-have photo to prove it!
  • Grassy Sweetlip
    I dunno, about 40cm
  • Jewfish
    2 black jew about 15kg- Warrior Reef, Torres Strait and Off Daly River NT- have photos
  • Shark
    I rate them with catfish as a nuiscance- caught some 3m plus tigers in PNG and Torres Strait
  • Barramundi
    About 15kg- Cairns inlet
  • Trevally
    30.5kg GT- Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati
  • Whiting
    Not a word of a lie-used to get some 45+cm beasts in the Tweed as a kid- only on squirt worms!


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    That thing in the shed with a hole in the bottom

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  1. Dunno if it will work down south there, but back when I used to boat fish the halco scorpion 150's in the 'mullet' colour in the 5m diver version trolled over reef in 10-20m of water were deadly. You have to troll them on braid (so they wobble really hard - mono has too much stretch so they dont wobble as hard), and troll as fast as they can take - about 6.5-7 knots. You may need to adjust the bib to get them to swim completely straight. Also worked was the halco laser pro 190 in the 'mullet' and the blue colours, in the 'crazy deep' version - note the crazy deeps always need adjusting so they swim straight. Again troll as fast as possible - about 5.5-6.2 knots. Use in 20-30m of water over reef. The wahoo also love them if you go off the reef to about 80m depth. Big GT's in 10-20m of water love these too. Once you get a fish troll back over the same area. Back when I lived in Kiribati (see: https://www.facebook.com/betiofishos/) I trolled with others in the boat using various other lures/ rigged baits, and I reckon 19 strikes in 20 were on my rig. Must troll on braid (with 2m of jinkai leader to absorb some shock, and 6 inch wire at the lure), and troll as fast as they will go (after adjusting so they swim straight.
  2. Looking at the weather report looks like it'll be pretty rough out there this weekend. I'd be maybe sitting on live baits in a deep hole in the inlet at the very low tide around lunch time for fingermark - like off the sugar wharf. Seem to be massive fingermark in the inlet at the moment, and you'd be out of the wind. Or possibly do a dawn high tide on the flats off the hospital for grunter and salmon. Some of the seafood shops are selling yellowtail up from Cardwell at the moment - if it were me I reckon I'd sit on a fresh yellowtail fillet in either spots; the fish seem to love it. I'm landbased so won't be doing any fishing till the wind drops.
  3. Yeah mate thats southern end of Holloways. SE winds are back now so will be only sharks again.
  4. mid 80's is the biggest blues I've caught. Average is around 55-60.
  5. So after about 8 months of fish drought on the beach (brought on by relentless SE winds, which makes it shark city), finally the wind swung to the NE this week. Knew my local beach would fire, and after work didn't want to waste fishing time castnetting so grabbed some fresh yellowtail I saw advertised at a fish shop on the way home. First cast with a yellowtail fillet was smashed as I was putting the rod in the holder. Saw two mates down there who had only got sharks on live mullet, so was pleased with the result on the flesh bait - blue salmon no.1 Second cast the bait got smashed before I even got the bail arm over; resulting in blue salmon no.2. Third cast hit within a few minutes and resulted in a substantially bigger no.3 salmon. More than enough for me; salmon don't release well (I think because they fight to the death on 6 pound braid), so time to go home. Have noted the salmon have been very keen on the flesh baits the last couple of years, so grabbed some more yellowtail for another crack over the weekend. Now that they've hit the beach, history over the last 25+ years fishing the same spot tells me they'll be a sure thing for the next few months. Soft flesh so I bake whole, pick the meat off and use in pasta bake, fish cakes, and fried rice - which will be on the menu weekly for the next few months until the barra and king salmon show up on the beach. Good fishing times ahead! sal.mp4
  6. I've heard of one caught at Yeronga
  7. True eh about snag bashing in the inlet - get lures chucked at them by tourists all day every day. I tried burley trail at Kamerunga sunday arvo which just brought in bullies. Then this afternoon at Holloways on the high tide for 30 minutes with gar from the Barron; didn't even get a single run. Fishing's terrible in Cairns in south easters.
  8. Can't help you too much mate. I'm a land based angler (by choice) and with almost all of the accessible areas banned from fishing in the inlet, I never go there anymore. I concentrate on the warm months salmon and barra on the beach now. All I can suggest; forget buying bait and throwing lures at inlet fish that see lures every day. Live bait is the key so get a castnet and fish live bait anywhere and you'll get fish. Use a long leader with lively baits and in the inlet you'll always get a good fingermark or something. Lightest or no lead and most natural presentation is the key - the livie will get smashed. Other option without castnet; find a nice spot next to snags and burley heavily - plenty of big bream in the inlet this time of year and jacks, cod etc will be attracted too, but there seems to be a lot of bull sharks around this year that have been making my burley trails in the Barron a waste of time. Last option; if the SE wind dies there will be heaps of doggie mackeral around the leads to the inlet.
  9. the river pikey bream are generally much darker than that, really a black colour - I'll take a pic next time I get one
  10. got nothing; as soon as I had fish in the burley trail the bullys were coming in and smashing them. Then 15 minutes to get fish burleyed up again, only for the sharks to come in and disperse them again
  11. I'm too lazy to drive out to False cape so really got no idea. There's bullys early morning at the top of the Barron too (as usual) - sunday morning at Kamerunga, as soon as I got fish feeding in the burley trail the bullys were coming in and smashing them up.
  12. pikeys and yellowfin bream up here
  13. Kings point is awesome for black jew and fingermark; I haven't fished there in years though. Best way is to night fish, with an underwater light to get squid - live bait the squid. The big catfish and sharks are bad there though, especially if using dead baits I guess one good thing is you'd get out of the SE winds fishing on the southern side of the inlet; too windy this side of the inlet although have been a few bream in the Barron; all around 35cm