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    From Brisbane originally. Like to keep up to date with what's happening on the fishing scene there. Not a boat fisherman, as I work on boats. Under the influence of alcohol tend to think I can dance.
  • Interests
    Contributing to the local tackle industry by getting continually busted up flicking plastics and live prawns deep under wharves, landing the occasional good fish!
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    Marine Engineering Surveyor

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    "I'm offshore right now, leave a message after the beep"


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    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    Softplastic Lures
  • Favourite Lure
    offshore- grey halco laser pro 190 crazy deep. Inshore- 2" Gulp shrimp
  • Favourite Bait
    live prawn by a long way
  • Best Catch
    40(ish)kg 2 (ish)metre Spanish Mackeral on 15 kg mono- Snapper Island off Daintree river

Personal Bests

  • Tailor
    probably about 55cm
  • Bass
    just little tackers in SEQ dams
  • Kingfish
    got one once about 4kg fishing for jew at Tweed mouth
  • Bream
    Get occassional 2(ish)kg pikey bream pretending to be jacks
  • Yellowbelly
    Definately not! I have a more pale freckly belly
  • Cod
    Got a QLD groper about 40kg once, released of course
  • Mackerel
    See best catch
  • Flathead
    Got some big mommas down Tweed before-maybe 80(ish)cm?
  • Saratoga
    yes please, I am a toga virgin (toga the fish that is, not toga parties-in that I am black belt)
  • Mangrove Jack
    about 60cm one late night in Cairns inlet
  • Cobia
    about 13kg
  • Tuna
    About 20kg dogtooth
  • Snapper
    10.53kg- landbased Garden Island WA-have photo to prove it!
  • Grassy Sweetlip
    I dunno, about 40cm
  • Jewfish
    2 black jew about 15kg- Warrior Reef, Torres Strait and Off Daly River NT- have photos
  • Shark
    I rate them with catfish as a nuiscance- caught some 3m plus tigers in PNG and Torres Strait
  • Barramundi
    About 15kg- Cairns inlet
  • Trevally
    30.5kg GT- Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati
  • Whiting
    Not a word of a lie-used to get some 45+cm beasts in the Tweed as a kid- only on squirt worms!


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    That thing in the shed with a hole in the bottom

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  1. Just drive up Gillies range road and you'll see heaps of creeks you could hike up and find some sooties. Just stop at one you like the look of, park the car at a campsite and start walking. Watch out for yowies if your gonna camp overnight though. Or pick a gorge and start hiking up it e.g: Behana or Tully gorge
  2. Aside from a few 50-60cm blue salmon; spanish mackeral have been on the beach lately. Nobody has managed to land one yet
  3. Tried an after dark session last night at the same spot. Had about 20 mullet; all gone within an hour - landed 6 blue salmon in the 50-60cm range (kept 2 for a feed) and dropped three line screamers; all pulled hooks. Tipping big king salmon. Several mullet were hit even before I had a chance to flick the bail arm over after casting.
  4. I love the 2" gulp shrimps, and not a fan of Z-mans at all as they seem too stiff to me e.g: very little tail wobble. The Keitech range is my absolute favourite
  5. unfortunately the 30lb leader failed me yesterday; hooked a very large king salmon and the leader parted when it jumped. Got two undersize salmon and didn't hook any barra at all.
  6. 30lb leader, 6lb main; the guy was asking me how heavy my leader was. Completely need the 30lb leader for barra gill rakers and fraying from salmon. With how little you could fit on the spool, I think you'd spool yourself just in casting out with 30lb on a 2500 size reel!
  7. Finally north east winds started today after 10 months of south easterlies, so the beach is going to fire in the next few days. Hit the beach late afternoon with live mullet and managed a new PB at 116cm. My wife took the video; its a bit too long and gets boring sorry! Was released healthy. WhatsApp Video 2019-10-08 at 6.56.10 PM.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2019-10-08 at 6.54.03 PM.mp4
  8. You mentioned how expensive blood worms are - when I was a kid on the Tweed I used squirt worms for whiting and blackfish which were way better than blood worms (and free if you have a yabbie pump). Just have to pump around the casings you can see at low tide, but takes a lot of them to make a decent amount of bait.
  9. fish close in to the snags on high tide for bream if you want a break from catfish.
  10. Not a good time of year for them but may be able to put you onto a bull shark in the Barron river when your in Cairns. If you'd settle for hammerheads and blacktips the beach here is full of them in Winter. Gimme a shout when your up this way and could go have a look after work
  11. Seems your runs are few and far between so I would suggest better presented bait to attract more customers. I suggest live mullet hooked in the lip on a circle hook on as long a leader as you can still cast - like a metre at least so the mullet swims around a lot. Also just use 30lb flourocarbon for leader instead of wire - you will get far more bites and not that many bite offs with the circle hooks as they generally hook in the corner of the mouth. Without the wire you are also opening up options for other fish species that would normally never touch a bait on wire trace; anybody would rather get a jew or big flattie than a shark. This is coming from the far north where sharks are a plague and vermin rather than a targeted species; I rarely get bitten off on this type of rig by the smaller ones, just the really big ones that would spool me anyway.
  12. Always crocs around with the numbers these days, castnetting is much scarier now than it was 20 years ago!
  13. Haven't been down the beach in a couple of weeks with the wild weather. Live mullet at a creek mouth at dusk did the trick again yesterday.