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  1. dhess


  2. Hey Angus, Can you get a custom one made up form me with this pattern?
  3. dhess

    6th Recapture !!

    Thats one hungry red emperor. I remember reading some study that found red emperor have one of the best release survival rates.
  4. By the look of it she must have accidentally got a bit of your cod elixir on the wound.
  5. dhess


    Bummer Seff very sorry to hear.
  6. 7' 20-40lbs and 7' 40-60lbs IMO there is a lack of variety out there when it comes to offshore rods.
  7. Bit harsh Wayne. It obviously isn't a great white, grey nurse or sawfish and is under 1.5m so nothing wrong with taking an otherwise unidentified shark for a feed. To be fair I think very few people here can reliably distinguish one kind of whaler to another, other than the bull shark.
  8. I usually try to squeeze a crap out around the cape too.
  9. Checkout the wind forecast for Lizard Island for today: />http://www.willyweather.com.au/qld/far-north/lizard-island.html About to get a direct hit from a category 5 cyclone and forecast is for only 27 knots.
  10. dhess

    sold ice

    Like Sam said: Bob's Ice, East Coast Road, Point Lookout (07) 3409 8280 Whenever I have had the boat over at Straddie just go there. Pricing is pretty much what you would pay on the main land.
  11. Inner Freeman is the one you want. Even on the lowest tides there should still be 4-5m of water. This whole area can and will break on an outgoing tide when there is a decent easterly swell running. Post your email address and I will send you some more info.
  12. My typical plan this time of year would be to leave from Spinnaker boat ramp about 330-4am. Based on the tide, the sand banks up there will be fine to cross. Watch out when you arive at the NW point of moreton that you don't stray too far north as there are some very dangerous banks up that way that have heavy surf crashing on them. Fish shallow tempest or the shoals around the cape up till about 7 or 8am. Floatline pillies or tuna. Patternosters will just catch rubbish. These areas usually shutdown untill late afternoon. Move onto deeper ground and fish the 85-95m reefs if current allows. Otherwise head north to the shoals and troll. Don't bother wasting time getting livies from the beacons as the action will be all over by the time you get outside.
  13. I am sure I have seen a similar gadget in an adult movie. :blush:
  14. Well done Kurt. Very professional video!
  15. dhess

    Old Fuel

    Use it. Will be completely fine especially since its premium. I have used at least 6month old regular unleaded no issues at all. If it was an ethanol blend using it would be suicide.