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    37 years old single cabinetmaker who enjoys getting out on the water as much as possible
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    Project Manager


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    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    Softplastic Lures
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    80cm flathead


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    Motor Boat with Trailer
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    Just Cruisin

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  1. leeroy1


  2. Great area you are coming to visit. Lake Heron is near Bond uni which can hold good trevally,jacks,bream,bull sharks and many others. Bit early in the year but their is a few around allready. Burleigh Headland is good for spinning at the moment and you could try for flatties in the mouth of the creek. Best advise for this area is get up early or fish at night to avoid crowds(noise). Good Luck with it!!
  3. My mistake then.I just hate when you see people keep those fish thinking that the've gotta be big enough.;Scope wrote:
  4. The reason you are seeing more reports with jew this size in them is because people have to return these fish.Not a good attitude to have.kreel wrote:
  5. leeroy1


    Ah yes the jacks will be back soon, Joy I,ve found the beat plasticas foe jacks are shrimp or minnows styles but they work best during the day.You will need a fair bit of time between fish depending where you are.Hard bodies will work best at night,find one that will work the bottom of the snag/rock wall where you are fishing. Hope that helps. Best tip is to take the time to find the fish. Leeroy
  6. Might be the biggest in NSW as that looks like Illuka to me.
  7. It,s amazing how much stuff gets lost at Bond. On sat morning watched an old local there diving for gear. Pulled up 1 cast net,2 rods and reels and 6 lures in the 1/2 hour i was there.
  8. leeroy1

    Tally Creek

    Just wondering if anyone has had any success catching bass in tallabbudgera creek or currumbin creek?