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  1. getrigged


  2. getrigged

    Winter Whiting

    If you launch at Scarborough, it's a 10 min trip toward bribie and you'll find a patch
  3. getrigged

    Winter Whiting

    Where are you based mate?
  4. getrigged

    boat wanted

    Mate, you could buy new for that money
  5. Hi mate, I'm considering selling my 4.5m tinny and going into something like this that I could use as a car topper, if I cut off the bow and side rails, and removed the Bimini, is the hull flat across the gunwales and bow? Could you please post a few more pics? I like your burger too, shame it's not a package deal
  6. Hey mate. The pine river is good for them I have unfortunately found,
  7. Think he just saw the pole in your pics dude
  8. It'll be fine the hc just means high capacity and signifies a card with 2gb+, which they all would be theses days
  9. The port office measure tides too, and it's 40min after the bar, which is near the reclaimed area at mouth of river. So close to each other but 40min difference, always thought it was weird?
  10. I agree, it's dragging on a bit, I'm waiting for someone to say he died doing what he loved! What, bleeding profusely into his cranium?
  11. Poor bloke got broken into, see my post on stolen reels
  12. That looks better! Did you buy it? How much over budget did you get granted from the finance minister
  13. Please see attached pics, poor bloke only just opened the shop