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    I fish the Brisbane river.
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  1. Ive got a fin nor lethal ltc20 - 16 would probably do what you need re: jigging inshore etc holds about 450m of 50lb
  2. Haven't pulled it up since, this was at the end of the Millennium drought which was the one of the worst droughts recorded since European settlement, I just guessed it had come from hulls of the the yachts moored opposite.
  3. Yeah, i got my second biggest snapper at Newstead went nearly 4 kgs i remember pulling coral up too on some occasions, even caught a few spangleds there and at Brett's Wharf back then too.
  4. Thanks mate, hopefully heading to the port tonight in the tub. Wanted to share some of the older pics i found in digital storage as haven't seen them in years but will have a few more to post up soon. Hopefully some great new catches too
  5. l@BNE FishooFish The main areas i used to target back then were the bridges between Kangaroo point to Milton with the odd bass trips, Normally late night outgoing tide after city cats stop casting lures around the pylons and eddies. Some bass trips use to come when i would go gather gudgeons and rainbows to feed my tanks and the odd trip out to the ppo chute which i don't think you can access by foot anymore. I'm further out west now so do a lot more around Jindalee/Riverhills area. Have been exploring the pin and southern bay islands aswell last 12 months
  6. @ellicat definitely some great memories, was glad to find them and this page again. Sadly some of the spots aren't accessible from land anymore and i normally take my boat now but nothing makes me smile as much as landing a decent fish land based out of the mighty brown snake on a lure. (except for maybe pulling them out of the feeder creeks)
  7. Hey guys, new to posting here but long time member. I recently found some of my older land based catches around Brisbane most of them before the floods, back when jewies were 45cm limit lol, which has got me keen to start targeting the jewies again this season. I will update with some more pics and journals soon but thought it was worth posting them before they get lost again.
  8. River perch, not bad chewing in a larger size but haven't really seen them above 30cm , I let them go though and normally move if i start hooking in to them but normally catch them in jewfish and threadfin producing spots if that helps.
  9. Yeah, river has definitely changed a lot since the floods, but on a plus side lots of new snags . I recently found some of my old fishing journals so might start uploading some of the old info and pics on here over the w/e as i'm a long time lurker have not been much of a poster.
  10. Yeah, hoping people won't make too much of a mess down there. I've caught a few nice ones in that stretch from the boat on hardbodies targeting the mouths of feeder creeks, can sight cast to them in some cases when theyre feeding up on prawns in the shallows used to get a lot of threadys of the oxley creek pontoon back in the early 2000's before people started making a mess and council clamped down on it, one week i managed 3 trips 3 fish in 3 casts but this was pre 2011 floods when the drought had the river firing for saltwater models all the way up to the mt crosby weir and snapper and spangled emperor were not uncommon up to the newstead reaches of the river.
  11. Can keep a lot of fish from the river in a standard freshwater/brackish tank ( make sure legal size), just need to convert them ( keep in large bucket or esky with aerator and slowly introduce tank water and then put small amounts of river water back in tank every 45 minutes to hour) , my favourites i have had was a 42cm Moses Perch i got in the cast net at breakfast creek which had the ring from a 2l juice bottle around its head, I cut it off and it came back to health, used to monster livies i threw in, also converted a legal size whiting i picked up from the pontoon at the mouth of Oxley creek and an angler fish from Coomera river.
  12. Awesome reports, caught my first small eyed gudgeon a month or so back at kangaroo point on a large live prawn. Have seen them in native tanks before but a 1st for me, very cool fish. Similar to butis butis (crazy fish)which are often found on the underside of pontoons. They make great aquarium fish too.
  13. Has anyone seen the new pontoon that opened up yesterday at Riverhills? Might be dropping down there this arvo to hunt for a Thready end of run out, does rip through there however. Anyway tight lines guys
  14. jred1


  15. Came to this late. Ive caught them all the way to the Milton/toowong reach but best bet would be colder months. Try late at night once the city cats and boat traffic has died down after midnight and aim for the change of tide. Had the most success with live herrings but the bigger models have come on plastics or large diving lures, live prawns are good but often the threadys take them instead. Look for areas that have structure, light and lots of eddies and youll be in for a good shot. I have also noticed that when guttin them they are often filled with Gar