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  1. Took young Dennis out to North Pine for a fish yesterday, but his camera battery was dead before we even started. So for this report, you’ll have to give me all the likes and compliments instead. Don’t worry, I’ll pass them on We checked a few shrimp pots first up, including one that had previously been lost from the float being cut off. The pot was sitting mostly above the water, but amazingly, still had plenty of live shrimp in it. I told @Dinodadog that today would be so good on lures that I bet we don’t even touch the shrimp.... We had our sights set on a few spots where we could cast to the edges. Spinnerbaits worked nicely last trip, so we wanted in on that action again. Most of the water fished was actually very shallow (less than 3m), SUPER clear, and had thick weed beds. The spinnerbaits were basically retrieved just below the surface, and the fish would burst out of the weed to hit them. Caught a few fish trolling along the way, but spent most of the morning getting our spinnerbaits smashed by the chunkiest of winter Bass. Had hoped the yellow fish would also turn up, and watched as Dennis caught one now and then. Finally managed one myself as last fish of the day. As we hit the thrusters and headed back to the ramp, I pointed to the shrimp laden esky..... “Told ya”.... Luke
  2. Hey Mr Scaley! I’m interested in your tank if it’s still available. Do you have any pics of the setup and gear? Thanks! Luke
  3. Been a while indeed. Needed that! Thanks Dino!
  4. Somerset Dam has never really been on my frequently visited list, mostly because I get all sooky around bigger boats (mainly the skiing kind). With the Westvale boat ramp at the top end now though, it makes it both closer to home for me (only an hour away), and also gets you onto water that is more where I wanna be in the canoe! I always hear about monster winter Bass caught in the lake, and finally gave in to go try for some. Or at the very least, return home with photographic evidence that I caught even one fish Well, here's my evidence! I very much enjoyed motoring around this lake, especially amongst the timber. My home ground of North Pine sadly lacks standing timber! I think I'll be visiting Somerset more often from now on, it hasn't let me down yet! My usual favourite Flicker Shads did all the damage, and most fish were caught in water less than 5 or 6 metres. Steep bank drop offs were key, as were shallow flat areas with a drop into the river channel nearby. Thanks for reading! Luke
  5. No time for fresh at Cania! That dam and gorge is spectacular! The Toga fishing there is very good too. Eungella Dam has fantastic Sooty and Barra fishing, And Teemburra Dam is a nice one too. Kinchant Dam is actually a good one for land based Barra fishing, though they all slow down a bit in winter.
  6. Here's a little fishing tale of a big North Pine Dam bass. In August 2012, Dennis (@Dinodadog) recorded a new PB for himself when he captured quite a sizeable bass. This fish was huge, and fell only just short of the magical 60cm mark, coming in at 58.5cm. Being this size, the bass was probably quite old, maybe even 15 years or more. Adding to this, the fish had at some point been captured at least once before, as it had an old algae encrusted tag stuck in its back. Unfortuately though, there were no records of this tag. Since that day, on almost every trip out to the dam, I wonder where that bass is, and hope that someday we'll see it again. I mean, it would surely be 60cm by now! Well, skip forward to June 2016. Another fisherman by the name of Charlie was out on the dam hunting a big bass himself. Charlie was currently enjoying greatest month of his fishing life, nailing a few whoppers and it would be fair to say he was in great form! He hooked and landed the biggest bass he'll see for a long time, laid it out on the brag mat, and up comes a new PB of 58cm. Charlie, absolutely thrilled, also notices this fish has a crusty old tag in its back. The details are sent in to Suntag, and back come the results that link these two very lucky fisherman. Charlie and Dennis, both recaptured the very same bass four years apart. The fish had not grown one bit! The very slight difference in measurement can be explained by small variations in measuring devices, or possibly that the bass was in fat winter condition when Dennis caught it, and a bit slimmer (and even older) when Charlie found it. So, if you're hoping to see that whopper you caught again one day, it is very possible! Catch and release, so someone else can land the big one! Link to Dino's original post that the fish first featured: Luke
  7. Haha, thanks! I like it too! Keeps me happy and is starting to rack up quite a few kilometres both on water and on the roof of the car!
  8. Home ground advantage today at North Pine, but unfortunately couldn't score a comfortable winner. Will have to try harder before Sunday night! Lovely day for it though!
  9. I promise i wont do it again, Dino!!! Sorrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
  10. While we're adding and requesting species, I'd enjoy having another freshwater species on the list. Maybe Yellowbelly, but would be happy to have more than just the one fish to go after!
  11. Tired to to be all arty.....kinda like it. Borumba is a special place!
  12. Hahaha, I was going to respond and say that I don't know many people who carry soap while fishing, but then I remembered people use it as bait for Redclaw!
  13. Well it may not get us the win, but I might as well ram home a late consolation goal..... Went out 3 times this weekend, caught enough Bass, land based and in the canoe, but only one good enough!