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  1. I haven't caught a fish in awhile so I think it'll still be pretty even teams, sign me up for southside.
  2. Caught this strange fish awhile back. Did NOT do catch and release this time.
  3. Haha well looks like this is just about as heated as the real Origin, I'm down with that. Sign me up to fish for the South then!
  4. That was quite the picture you've painted. Awesome catches!
  5. Hey I live on the south, but I mostly fish out towards Manly/Wynnum most days.
  6. Hey, looking to post and participate in the community here too. Gonna be fishing a lot more in the coming weeks.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new here (signed up awhile ago but then forgot about it I think) but I've been fishing for a couple years now. I mostly fish kayak but occasionally take the tinny out when the conditions are great. I mostly chase your bread and butter species like bream and flathead and I'm looking to start getting into tournament fishing. As such I've started a blog where I'll be documenting the things I learn along the way. I've also started building a list of all the fishing tournaments in Australia, I've included the link in my signature if you want to check out the full list. It's only just been setup so I'm still adding new tournaments to the list as I go, and it's all done manually at the moment in my spare time. Not sure if anyone else is interesting in that kind of thing?
  8. NguyenD