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  1. BZH

    act Resin Popper Homemade

    yes I need it to float What I did is mixing a part A with micro balloon then when it is OK I add the part B then then mix all together , then pour it in the mold...... I let it for an hour before retrieve it
  2. BZH

    act Resin Popper Homemade

    I call it resin but I used 2 part polyurethane... I add 10 % of micro balloon ( I thing is not enough, but if I add more is becoming difficult to do a good mix , and as you said it reduced the working time of the mix considerably ) I used 2 mm stainless steel wire I feel that I m close to reach my target , but something is bad or wrong
  3. BZH

    act Resin Popper Homemade

    Thank you Ed for those precisions.... Do you remember how % of micro balloon ? the 2 part polyurethane is 50% / 50% For this size of popper I use treble 4/0 to 5/0
  4. Merci Drop Bear Meribel is very nice for Skiing In France the Bar which is at maximum can reach 5 to 6 kg , but average is 1 to 3 kg And now since fews years we target the red tuna , which can reach 300 kg , but very watched by authorities..... in french loupe is a magnifying glass Australia is a bit far away from france for fishing (but I already been there in 1990 , Sydney, Adelaide an d Tasmania also)
  5. BZH

    act Resin Popper Homemade

    Hi Drop Bear Thanks for your answer I would to do some Popper like Heru Cubera (resin) To put sinker I need to get a floating popper , and this is not the case Today the popper I have done are , are floating but as soon I install on it both treble it sink....... (and there is still no lead in ) and I dont thing I can had more "bubble powder" to increase floating , so I can t had sinkers because it is already sinking without it
  6. I just want some help to do mine (not for business) , just for fun
  7. Red Snapper in french : Carpe Rouge In Spanish : Cubera
  8. better than pictures see the videos
  9. Hello I m trying to do my own GT resin popper. The only problem I have is for the buoyancy....... How do you do to get the right floating and then the right balancing ? Thanks (sorry for my bad English)
  10. Hi everybody I m BZH from France I go fishing everywhere in the world ( Gabon , Venezuela, Costa Rica, Columbia, Djibouti.... and of course France), my next fishing travel could be Oman but not sure yet.... My favorite fishes are GT and Tarpon I try to do my own lure , but it is not a big success yet
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