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  1. Hey guys, What lures have you guy had success on for medium-large size pelagics off the rocks and surf? specifically targeting GT/Mackerel/Tuna/Kingies/Austraia Salmon. Did some research and found that the following are pretty decent: - Halco Roosta Poppers - Halco Max 13 - Rapala X rap long cast - Spoons Would love to hear what you guys suggest. Cheers!
  2. cheers dude thanks for the heads up. Didn't know a new BG was coming out!
  3. Usually if I use bait i'll target bream, jewies and Threadies. For surf and rocks, I target mackerel, sharks, Australian salmon, tuna. all land based
  4. Hi all, I'm looking to buy a new reel mainly for surf/rock fishing. I usually use circles hooks with dead/live bait but want to get into lure fishing/jigging as well. I've read through the pros/cons of baitrunners but wanted to see what you guys have personally experienced with them? If I choose a baitrunner, i will go with the Shimano Baitrunner 6000D If i choose a spinner, I will go with the Daiwa BG 4500 What do you guys suggest? Cheers
  5. Looking to buy the Wilson 8ft 3/4in Draw String Cast Net from BCF. Not looking to invest too much into my first net. Has anyone had experience with the Wilson Draw String nets? Hows the Quality? Deciding whether to get the draw string or the bottom pocket. Cheers guys!
  6. honestly don't remember. i'll keep that in mind next time. Cheers
  7. I was using a 4/0 or 5/0 Gamakatsu circle hook on a 20lb mono leader. my drag was so light that when the fish pulled, my spin reel span faster than the line (almost like a mini baitcaster birdnest). I went to buy some 3/0 gang hooks and 40lb mono leader so we'll see how that goes I'm curious as to what's the reasoning behind a slightly tighter drag and not giving it any slack?
  8. AznVinc3nt


  9. appreciate your detailed response. I'll try using heavier mono next time and see how it goes. Cheers
  10. Do you think a heavier mono leader will work or do I need to switch to a wire leader?
  11. Hi all, So the other day I was fishing off of Shorncliffe Pier using live herring on a running sinker rig (20lb leader). All of a sudden, my reel starts screaming (very light drag) and then it stopped. I reeled it in to find that my hook has been completely ripped off of my line. This also happened at Wellington Point on dead pilchard. WHAT KEEPS BITING ME OFF? edit: how do I avoid this issue in the future? thanks
  12. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!