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  1. So I didn’t get a chance to have a quick flick before work yesterday as I had some other stuff going on. Weather seems to be not really good today, but hoping I may get a chance on the weekend even if it’s only land based. I do have a couple of metal slugs which I have been flicking around here and there. Benefit is their great cast ability.
  2. Any signs for bait fish other than the obvious? Obvious being boil ups, jumping or being chased, using a sounder. How do you find them if there’s isn’t a lot of movement? Has anybody tried burley buckets? If so is it worth lugging it around? I know in Tas the fish and squid loved aniseed. But I mainly used the burley, whether thrown or kept in a burley bucket fishing from a pontoon in a very deep channel so it wasn’t a pain in the butt. Water clarity will play a factor visually not being able to see the bait if they are a little deeper. The pressure has been great for fishing lately. Going for a before work flick tomorrow in a Noosa canal and will be trying a 4ft diver that resembles a prawn. Wish me luck
  3. I actually prefer the jet skis going past faster then slow as the wake is less. But in saying that, how fast the hook up some of the small creeks is quite dangerous. I’m glad you brought up coochin/bells creek. I was trying to get there the other week after work but had some really big days and I wasn’t going to explore in the dark. I read it there’s a few break ins. Any particular places worth launching that don’t require a massive battle to get to the upper reaches? I hadn’t been there since I was a little fella and I’m sure it’s all changed. I did come across a big boil up in Currimundi the other week before I started work I presume was trevally, threw plenty at them but nothing got a hit. I’m probably going to hit up Noosa over the this week before I start work and hopefully get some decent hits, got a new Jackall lure that looks a little like a prawn colour wise. Really appreciate all the info from everyone, just trying to learn as much as I can as quick as I can to stop the dreaded
  4. Hatchy


  5. Yeh fished chambers plenty of times before I had the yak. Caught a few flathead on the road side of the island. And there’s plenty of small bream on the eastern side. Caught a star gazer there which I didn’t know what the hell it was until I got back home and did my research. Tend to be limited fishing land based. Maroochy river is ok if you fish on a weekday while everyone is at work, but otherwise it’s very busy. It’s the reason I stick to the upper reaches of Maroochy. Haven’t done much live baiting up here, I guess when I was in Tas I was put off by the baracouta, gummy and school were far between. I get that I have to fish systems quite often to know there area, but never seem to have much luck on lures or so it seems to me. I’d be interested how often others catch fish on lures in the estuarary. Also if any one has any info on paddling the Noosa river for bass? Is there any other launch points apart from elanda point to get me closer to my destination so I don’t have to paddle as long?
  6. I’m up in Maroochydore ellicat so pretty central to all the coast. Not limiting myself to one area. Noosa I have no clue where to go apart from a bridge I can’t remember what it’s called, but on the way to Hastings and the dog beach. I love Currimundi lake as it’s clear at the moment and quite sheltered from the wind. Have my usual spot off Petrie creek. I’d really love to find a spot for Trev’s as their probably one of my favourite fish to catch. Caught baby yellowfin and diamond but only the one. Any tips on lures whether plastics or hard body’s? And how I should use them depending on the fish? I have done a lot of research on the net and feel I’ve exhausted those avenues. So chasing some local knowledge or info of any kind.
  7. Gday all, I’m new to the site so doing the norm and introducing myself. I’m Hatchy from the Sunshine Coast. I’ve just got the fishing bug back. Originally from Tas and was quite spoilt for choice down there. Since moving back to qld for the 2nd time, I’ve noticed how slow the fishing really is here. Don’t get me wrong there’s times where it is quite good. I’m chasing some advice or tips on catching more fish on lures and some local spots I’ve got a couple of fish on lures. I have no problem catching fish on bait and can 99% of the time catch fish using bait. But now have moved to lures, I prefer hard body’s to plastics. I’ve caught a few fish trolling with some shallow divers, and some plastics but I want to increase my chances in the yak. I’ll give any where a go as long as I’m not dealing with too many boats and jet skis. I don’t have a sounder yet and well...my partner she has a better kayak then me, my kayak sucks in any kind of wake. So until I upgrade I don’t want to venture into any large body of water that is open to the elements. I don’t need any x spots but just some advice on where I can increase my chance of getting some larger fish other than bream. I know being winter the variety of fish is some what limited but not totally, as my partner caught a 300mm jack before landing a 410mm bream. Kind regards Hatchy
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