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  1. Ay davo can't make Satrdy goen campn wit my gf soz m8
  2. U poket diled me from ur bike 2day
  3. K cool sux u lost ur rod shld hav put it in a holda wot did u get
  4. Do u want ur old combo bak davo ??????
  5. K so wot time tmoz n wot bait do I get n mum has $ 4 Petrl
  6. Oi Dave r we hitn the majic berly spot tmoz n is the combo ok 4 snaps mums keen as 4 a feed of fish
  7. Ay davo r u fishn sundy me n mum r cumn to briz gonna use the combo u gimme
  8. Cn I cum n fish it wit u wen u go ???
  9. Thanx davo had a gr8 time wot bout sum snaps next time