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  1. noname


  2. i know what your saying here mick but IM6 graphite blank is by no means a high modulous blank, it's lower end actually, as far as graphite is concerned, just sayin is all, this isnt a dig. high sticking is also a no no.
  3. whatever ya do, dont mention my name :woohoo:
  4. smart move unless you want to bid on a shita that was dirty as hell and used !
  5. i think mick fillets mate had 1, yes i said had 1, cos i was told that it broke too, but hey, he was told he didnt have a clue on what he was doin... or so the story goes, only the messenger, so dunno if he got warranty on it, might have to get hold of the fillet man for the answer to that brad, but i'm goin down to see him this week to see if he will warrant the broken rod i bought off him, i bet 1 of you bastards broke it while still in the shop ? lmao.but i'll let ya know what happens.
  6. definately not worth the drive, hell i throw away better stuff than that, well what i saw anyways.
  7. i cant get up the map, i saw the bit sayin there was a map below but nothin there. ok think i might know it with the boat ramp down below also ? just over the newly built bridge ? 4 lanes now?
  8. bad move brad to bloody heavy them things, go check out some of gary's rods, better than a lot gettin around, and built for the aussie fish, and the guy actually fishes, not made by some slave for 2 dollars a week, and your supportin a local business'
  9. been rainin here since i woke about 2 hours ago, not heavy, just continous, i wanna head out too, need a fix!