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  1. Hey guys, Some of you may have seen on my first post the other day I shared a pic of a shark I caught about 2 months ago off the shorncliffe pier. one local on the pier thinks it is a gummy shark, however google search doesn’t seem to agree. can anyone help me identifying this shark with certainty? just curious as I never knew for sure. he looked like a baby, was about 75cm to the tip of his tail (didn’t actually measure him just threw him back quickly) where I’m from originally in south Australia I remember lots of people used to target gummies for their dinner plate. Makes great flake apparently! my partner was very freaked out as she’d never seen a shark before, and due to the size, thought it was the right thing to let him go anyway. (However I do hear that if you Are going to keep a shark it’s better to keep them on the smaller side. I read the legal limit for most sharks is below 1.2m? Is this true?) cheers Sort of looks like it belongs to the carpet shark family to me- which type I’m not sure tho. Could be completely wrong tho as my knowledge is not good on sharks.
  2. Hahahah, look it’s probably not a bad idea knowing me. Unknowing Passers by are going to think I’m a pretty special specimen wearing my helmet and doing a sliding motion with the rod I think better safe than sorry tho
  3. Ahh, that’s a good point. definitely don’t want that happening, and knowing my clumsy self it’s a likely hazard. just for convenience sake I was thinking there as it’s much closer to home and I read being higher than ground Level can be helpful. Can give it a crack at Margate I guess! for the safety of the public
  4. Now that’s interesting. I’ve always wanted to catch a Tuna- it’s on my bucket list. While I hear it’s quite unlikely from the surf it has been done. gotta get out on a boat some day. but you’ve given me something to think about when you say “visual predators”. As someone who has had less luck fishing in broad daylight, I think I’m coming to realise it’s may be because I’ve never taken advantage of the visibility . Being that I’ve pretty much always just fished from the bottom with any bait I could get my hands on- be it some stinky tweed bait Or a chicken breast from the fridge lol. having that bait- especially live - somewhere between the middle and the top in the day makes a lot of sense to me. Having the sun flicker/reflect on the bait/livie has got to be almost mesmerising for (some) fish- or at least more interesting than my piece of dead meat sitting on the bottom. with that in mind, do you find that having light is better for fishing with lures then too? Or it varies from species to species? i was having a flick off Margate last Thursday night and was thinking to myself... can the fish even see my lure when it’s this dark? Am I just wasting my time ? maybe I’m getting too ahead of myself here haha, always trying to find a logical explanation. but please feel free to go off on a tangent im learning heaps! Edit: after clicking “post” I see how much I’ve run off a tangent also lol. all tangents welcome here
  5. That’s all good! I’ve never used lures much so it will be a big moment when/if I can catch a fish with one! Sound advice! I might’ve went a bit too hard on my first buy by the sounds of it. I think I grabbed a 55g , I’ll pick up some smaller ones in that case!
  6. Hey Another Wazza! i appreciate that, maybe I needa grab a couple extras in that case... have another rod or reel for back up too lol too be honest I wouldn’t be too mad losing it to a fish, rather that than the snags I had last Thursday, costing me 2 gang hook rigs
  7. Really helpful info, cheers Sam! i reckon I’ll probably try line up my next trip with that info in mind, and that I have a nice run in from say 3-4pm onwards and try my luck for dusk, as I’m usually fishing then or at night. im thinking of arriving early at low tide and trying to get my hands on some live baits and also walking a fair bit out into the surf and anchoring my line for my slide. will also be giving my twisty a few flicks too! Good to know an expensive price tag isn’t necessary Keen to put these new techniques and info into practice and hopefully I see some results. little bit anxious about the sliding as I’ve never done it before, and like I said above might give it a crack at the pier for a practice run before hitting the surf. Have you got any experience with sliding ?
  8. Cheers for the info Hamish! much appreciated, you say you’re a novice but you certainly taught me a thing or two! I would love to get my hands on a nice jewy! I’m thinking I might hit shorncliffe pier to practise my slide technique before I take it out to the beach. That way I can get my hands on some nice live baits while I’m there too. I’ll probably give my halco twisty a flick too now that I know a bit more about them! Think I’m gonna look like a doofus with my big surf rod at the pier, but hey it’s all a learning experience haha
  9. Haha lot of trial and error with mixed advice from a few of the locals there. I’ve found for me that under cover area on the left side up the pier is where it’s at. No glow sticks or anything fancy, pink or white “yamashita” jigs and a slow retrieval with the occasional jigging action seems to always land me at least one.
  10. Also really appreciate your insight with the moon! I always sort of felt everything was more active when the moon was full. generally I see far more prawns jumping around with a big moon in the sky than without, which usually leads me to flicking my squid jig. Managed to get 15 squid off Shorncliffe pier at the last full moon in these conditions but hey- could’ve just been a lucky night!
  11. Appreciate this! the tip for crabbing helps too. Keen to get my hands on some. as for the gar, I’ve been able to catch quite a few off the pier at Shorncliffe using bread on a very small hook with no sinker. Seems to work pretty well- better than the gar rigs I’ve purchased in the past. the gar I’ve caught there have been 30cm plus most of the time. Hope that’s not gonna be too big. the other problem I face in that regard is transporting the gar from Shorncliffe out to woorim/a beach as I don’t have an aerated bait bucket yet. (Looking into making one DIY). guess I could give the gar a go off the pier with the sliding technique, which I’ve read IS more ideal/easier from elevated ground. however Im loving getting amongst the **real** surf as I find fishing off the beach is far more relaxing than the (at times) noisy and crowded pier.
  12. Cheers Drop Bear! i think all I’m doing right is getting out there every weekend haha! Still got a lot to learn at this point, but really I haven’t missed a weekend for the past 5 months straight. Had my fair share of crap days but had some great days too. are live herring and mullet generally the best livies in your opinion? I seem to generally have the most luck fishing when there’s a nice big moon in the sky, as im usually out at night. would you agree the moon plays an important part in night fishing? Is it just as important for the bigger species, or mainly just for the smaller more common species that are feeding on small prey drawn to the moonlight? Sorry again for all the questions, I’m very curious to hear everyones input and advice on here! cheers
  13. That’s awesome! That’s what I’m talking about. I’m hoping to get back out there soon but was considering holding off until the full moon . re: lures, I’ve never really fished with one outside of squid jigs. Is there any you’d recommend? I bought a 50g halco twisty yesterday but thought maybe I was cheaping out a little bit as it was only $10.
  14. Im a newbie to surf fishing, and hadn’t actually heard of this technique before! Been doing some reading into it and definitely want to give it a try now! Cheers for the heads up! I think I’ll need to take your advice and talk to one of the fellas in the shops about getting set up. Seems like a bit of work/practice to get started but worth the effort. I live quite close to jones tackle so I might pay them a visit! Thanks again!
  15. Hey everyone! long time reader, first time poster here I’m still learning the ropes with land based and surf fishing. For the past year I’ve been fishing off Shorncliffe pier, up to Margate beach and Woody Point just about every weekend. Ive had some great fun, catching an array of species- Mostly Bream, and flathead. More special, or unusual catches off Margate being - 2 large octopus (about 1.5-2kgs), a small shovelnose shark (40cm), and a Gummy (?) shark (70cm) off the Shorncliffe pier. caught all of these off a cheap 6ft combo from BCF, But have recently added a large surf combo to my load out in hopes to chase something bigger/different. recently had a crack up at Woorim beach off bribie, beautiful beach but the swell and wind was a bit too chaotic that night. Managed to land a 70cm flathead which was awesome (not the flathead pictured below, we let her go) but nothing after that. I was wondering if you guys have any tips about surf fishing in the North Brisbane, what baits to use, and what (bigger) species I can target off the beach? nothing wrong with whiting, flathead and bream, but hoping to chase something new and a heavier hitter. sorry for the long first post but if you read this far, much appreciated!!!