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    Use to surf but now I am too old and fat so I fish but I have always been in or on the water.
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    Secretary Manager Yacht Club

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    555 267 38


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    Live Prawns
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    70+ lb Barra


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    Motor Boat with Trailer
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    2 boats - 1 for fresh water and 1 for the bay

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  1. Brian D

    Brian D

  2. Looks like Graham gave up his belly to the yellow, where's the rest of him? I miss my days at NPD with you guys but it's good to see someone still enjoying that beautiful place.
  3. Hi Guys Yeap sold the cruise craft. Only used it 4 times in two and half years and I just couldn’t\'t stand seeing the beauty go to waste any longer. In typical Chilly D fashion I gave them a bargin ($9k) for BMT, plus threw in a new international Penn and fully roller reel ($1500) plus 70 lt esky, plus landing nets, spare battery, plus portable bait tank, plus plus plus everything else that had been used in the boat over the 15 years I owned it. Poor fellow’s couldn’t\'t fit any more stuff in but at least my spare car park only has yak stuff in it now and my back yard doesn’t\'t look like a BCF delivery dock. We\'re doing just fine up here but we are so busy time off is rare and valuable, unfortunately not much time for fishing. When I do get around to wetting a line i\'ll post a report :whistle: Don\'t hold your breath as I need another 10 staff before I can rest easy.
  4. HI Ray Haven't forgotten you guys just been busy and no time for fishing. Only 40 bass, you guys better pick up your game and take more shrimp next time. Talking about next time get Graham to take his car and follow you up and down ramp. :woohoo: :blush:
  5. great photos and even better catches
  6. What a thrill, well done rocket, that's a healthy salty. Hope they are breeding for you down there. Great catch.
  7. another 15 dead barra found today so please dont tell me there is nothing wrong. More red spot and other funny stuff. I'm selling my boat and taking up golf
  8. I am not sure of the price. it's been used once, is in perfect order, still in box, fully wound on leader, i paid 1150 but i think the price has gone down since i brought it, but i would like a fair price so make a fair offer if you want it.
  9. HI Guys I noticed that you have a wanders marlin day planned in Jan. I have spare Penn VW30 on a HGA30 fully spooled with tested line that I am not using. Does anyone want to buy it Photos are in the photo album under penn30
  10. how do you pick the favourite, this is my third barra ever
  11. Brian D

    p.b flathead

    Wow that's a ripper shirt, the flatty is OK too
  12. great catch but 4lb, you are mad