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  1. Never caught a redfin before as they don't swim up this way, but I do fish in some pretty dirty water the colour of milky tea. I'd be tempted to use something like a black curly tail grub on a jig spinner. Black to make a strong silhouette in the dirty water and the jig spinner to create strong vibrations and flash from the metal blade. If I was wanting to use a hard bodied lure I'd also go for black.
  2. Those greedy guts come in a shallow diver too, very similar bib size to your lost lure. Bass love them !
  3. Enoggera reservoir looks like it would hold fish but I can say that I spent quite a few hours there one morning and tried every lure known to man and didn't get a touch. Beautiful looking place though.
  4. The cheapies do seem to misbehave a bit on the retrieve. A small bream sized lure that I've had success with is the Stump Jumper Finesse - 45mm. They cost about $14 and swim really nice, I work them super slow and they get lot's of attention. They look pretty goofy but the bream don't seem to mind.The little 45mm Halcos Lazer Pros aren't too bad. It's a good idea to look in the bargain bins. A few years back I found a heap of Bassday bream cranks for $5 each and grabbed all of them !
  5. Hi Andy, that Sienna combo would be a good outfit to start off with. You can easily bait fish with it and then toss out some lures if the mood strikes you. Just remember to keep it oiled up. And yes those Zman grubs are a very versatile lure. Go for a natural colour as this time of year the water is clear. Just remember if you are going to toss lures around you have to use the right line and learn how to tie leader knots etc. Don't be afraid to ask questions as there are a lot of people here happy to help out.
  6. There's some really big bass in there.... no not really. just yankin ya chain.
  7. And lures Ray...Oh the bounty of lures to be found is quite something. I reckon I have a full tackle box of found lures from that place. Last one I found was a 150mm popper ?!?
  8. That's a Holt Productions Swim Prawn mate. When I first saw them I thought they looked goofy but when you see them swim you realise how clever some lure makers are. They are awesome.
  9. I haven't tossed a lure for a few weeks and after checking the weather and tides it was down to the salty brine to play for a bit. The water was crystal clear and long casts and slow presentations were used to fool the fish. I pulled the two best flathead from the same spot in the snag. If you hook a flattie put the lure straight back there because they like to hang out in little groups. A few small flatties also fell to plastics and one OK sized bream All fish were taken on soft plastics ever so slowly hopped along the sand.
  10. Well done for getting the boys onto some fish mate. Looks like the little bloke had a ball !
  11. Hi logo, It depends on where you live, the hard part for a nine year old would be getting to fishy spots. If your parents are willing to drive you to places like Sandgate they are lots of options for land based fishing. You can walk for miles over there throwing lures out for flathead. I know when I was nine I'd ride my bike down to the local creek and chase yellowbelly and catfish with my mates. If you have any freshwater creeks or lakes close by you could chase bass or even tilapia using bait. It depends on what sort of fishing you want to do and what type of gear you have.
  12. Quite a few up this way as well. It's amazing where you can find them...if you wake up early enough that is.
  13. For the sake of your back perhaps you should only target spanglies and garfish for a while.
  14. Nice toga mate, I bet that made you smile.
  15. I wanted a nice easy fishing session so I grabbed a 7ft 1-3 Kg noodle rod and a handful of lures and headed over to Redcliffe. After the crazy weather the night before I didn't know what to expect. The first spot was a bit grubby with a lot of floating bit's and pieces and no bites so back in the car and off to check out some other normally fishy locations. The front of Redcliffe was just awesome with nice calm conditions and the water beautiful and warm. I strolled along a stretch of beach with some plastics and picked up two little tackers then walked back along the same stretch with a hard bodied lure. This got me another three flathead, one long tom and a dropped silver thingy that decided to spit the lure. The only down side, although not that bad is a lot of people walk along the front and every time you hook a fish they want to have a chat and ask "what else do you catch here" ? At least I get to test out my fishermans stories on them !