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  1. Tell you the truth I'm sick of all this back and forward rubish of who's fighting with who and will AFO ever not have infighting among all thier long standing members. I'll admit I've had my part in the problem and done my share of talking about all this stuff that's been going on and setting up where I stand on it all. When I first joined I looked forward to becoming a senior member and this isn't what is was about for me. I'm gunna delete my account and maybe come back in twelve months or so and see how it's going. Good luck
  2. Sorry to see another post get hijacked by shortie rubish ted
  3. MAN! People arent silly we all know who shorties best mate is, we also have all made an effort to get things back on track and write posts and do trips to report on here to try and get things back on track, we all know how destructive shorties influence was to the AFO community and we are all keen to put this behind us,we also are all aware of the reports sent to mods about that topic. I really dont think theres any need to have a go at members like ted who as far as Ive seen has done nothing but tell people to just forget about all that old cr*p and to keep posting reports, he's got to be one of the most diplomatic people I know, Brian your acting like a bully with a mod badge, thats the truth of it, I think you need a break mate, otherwise this is going to all go downhill again and a new forum will start online with the best of the members heading straight for it, what other option do you see, people wont put up with this childish rubish for ever, and sponsors will think twice!
  4. Im a very strong maybe for this one at this stage, but defiorite place up there, will know a bit closer to the date..
  5. BassTracker

    Maroon dam

    Is it this weekend your out there mate? If so, say gday, we'll be in a 12 foot tinnie with a blue bimini
  6. The old saying goes, You have a son till he finds a wife, you have a daughter for the rest of your life. Girls will do anything dad is doing...
  7. BillP, I dont think that redclaw spot is a secret, Im sure there are heaps of spots to get them there, directly accross from the boat ramp along either of the walls there, I did find that around the weed beds in about ten meters of water we didnt do very well, but in a bit closer around the 5 to 6 meter mark we were cleaning up. Mick was saying that I shouldnt even bother with the usual baits of rockmelon, potato.. he uses catfish and cleans up but we didnt do to bad on the potato..
  8. Yeah Ted she got the hang of floatlining pretty quick, by the third bass she was doing the whole lot on her own, she fishes with me a lot especialy in the last 6 months, really hoping she sticks with it, shes a natural, and Jarryd thats the first time Ive been up there and I cant wait to get back!
  9. For the last few months my 4 year old daughter has been begging me to come fishing and camping. So for the past couple of weeks we have been planning a camping / fishing trip together. We’ve even had a couple of pre-fishes to see if she prefers braid or mono haha, (Tugger would be proud she’s a mono girl all the way) We had planned to hit summerset for the weekend but because it has been closed to water activities for a while we decided to hit up Maroon Dam. It was a good choice! We gave the guys at Camp LakeFire a call and after a last minute cancellation we booked one of their cabins for Saturday night. The view from the cabin is amazing! We unpacked our stuff and went a dropped the tinny in after getting some good info from the manager up there (Mick) top bloke and AFO member, he was spot on we got a good feed of redclaw. Marley was all about the fishing so we went and hit a few likely spots but no luck. So we caught up with Mick again and he put us right on top of them. As seems to be the way to go at Maroon, we were float lining with no weight, Big mouth circles and live shrimp, Marley got the hang of it really quick and started out fishing me straight away, she got some cracker Bass on her little custom rod and I couldn’t get the smile off her face. (Pulling pots) She got quite a few more just like it) Even though it was a wet weekend, we were on the water a lot, and a big thanks to Mick at Camp Lakefire for all the helpful tips, for letting us hang out up at your place for a chat, letting Marley play with your dogs for ages and letting her play with your redclaw! And for walking out with a big crate of redclaw and topping my esky off before we hit the road. Had a few people over for dinner when we got back, Im not a huge fan of eating bass but these sandy bottom bass taste great especialy with a redclaw chaser Crispy skin bass Butter and garlic redclaw with a crispy noodle salad Great spot! Brad
  10. Mark, this is not your fault mate, not even a little bit. There would be zero issue with wave break ZERO! If someone didn't go right out of their way to make it one! I've spoken to the police while standing in front of our entire set up and they didn't even mention it, in fact they were more concerned about wether we caught fish. I hope this goes to show "beyonce" the kind of character of people like mark, although he's been camping here 20 odd years he will still pull the pin to make sure no one else is disadvantaged by an event he has organised. I appreciate all the effort that goes into these and the community feel of everyone welcome. Seriously, aren't there bigger fish to fry, it's organised fishing and good times not organised crime
  11. I for one didn't know that feature was available, thanks for that Angus, that could be one way of staying in contact without trolls and keyboard warriors having any input, I think it was ray who said, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything. I don't have anything nice to say about the other wave break post so I won't but I will say that anyone who thinks the wanderes weekends will stop because someone puts a post up is kidding themselves, haha!! These things are amazing and promote AFO in the best way! In saying that I can see why someone would get upset when they don't come hang out with the cool kids
  12. Thanks very much guys! That's some great info, I go check it out on the weekend and hopefully take it for a sail with the owner to help me get my head around it. I need to make sure it's not too hard to launch and retrieve with the fixed keel.