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  1. fifis101


  2. You know what's different between the Biomaster and Stradic? It looks pretty much identical to like my FJ Stradic with a different spool. I'm sure they have thrown in a couple of extra seals for that price
  3. 5000 sized Stradic would be the way to go. Just missed out on the 20% off sale at BCF.
  4. fifis101

    Trolling Inshore/offshore Mooloolaba.

    If trolling what you want to do buy some of these lures Junky said.
  5. fifis101

    Archer Fish Care

    Looks like a perfect way to keep a fish like an archerfish. I'd probably throw a heap of bugs in there and sit and watch them all day trying to catch them!
  6. fifis101


    I'd have to suggest going with braid for small fish like bream, whiting and flatties as you get the finite sensitivity with braid and you will be able to cast further. If you really don't want to spend too much money just go on ebay and buy some cheap light braid. I may not be a thin as more expensive braids but it'll be fine for you what you're after. I think I bought some Sea Lion braid quite a few years ago and it was pretty good stuff for the price.
  7. fifis101


    This is the method I found to be the best way to tie the FG knot. I prefer it as it keeps the knot tight(er) as you tie it compared to other methods.
  8. fifis101


    I think @Terry H may of had a crack at this recently. I can't remember if he want through it or just bough pre-made ones.
  9. I am in general against the idea of "fish feel pain" but in saying that I have tagged a few sharks and not all but some kick up a stink when I stick the tag in. Not sure if this is from pain or just from the sheer impact as it can take quite an effort to drive a tag into a big bull or tiger. Sharks aren't exactly your standard fish though either.
  10. fifis101

    Tackle Storage

    This is not exactly storage but using these velcro straps is a great little idea to stop larger lures smacking up against your rod during travel. Also stops swinging hooks from marking your lures too.
  11. fifis101

    Some Cold Water Fishies From Tassie

    The common flattie down there is the sand flathead. They are much smaller than the dusky up here. Min size has only recently gone up to 32cm from 30cm for as long as I can remember. The bag limit is 30 too per person I think. There has been some changes recently, so I'm not 100% up to date with the regs. The wrasse are so tame down there too. When I used to go spearfishing at times they would just come up to you to check you out, sniffing the end of the spear! The one in the photo is a common larger one but they do get over 4kg and go pretty hard. I'm sure there is a way you can cook them but the meat is very soft and mushy and their skin extremely tough, so they are hard to clean in the first place.
  12. fifis101

    Some Cold Water Fishies From Tassie

    Just a couple more photos I found. A micro jig after catching about 20 coota! A good feed of cleaned squid. These were 4L containers. And a big arse albatross they did a few circles around the boat. It doesn't show it bu damn it was a big bird.
  13. Went back home to to Tassie for a week to spend some time with the folks. I got out on the Tamar River a few times and we were killing it on the flatties with micro jigs. Sorry no photos as there was no size to them, just heaps of them. We did have a big feed for lunch when we got home! Had a good session on the squid and barracouta out the headlands. The coota were in plague proportions around the 50cm mark. You could literally jiggle you lure out the side of the boat and hook up! We were trying to get them to jump out of the water and grab the lure mid air. You could literally make them dance for you! We did get one to grab the lure mid air which was crazy to watch! We kept a few between 70-80cm and a couple of small ones for bait. I was kicking myself that I didn't have any topwater lures with me as it would have been crazy fun watching them get airborne hitting the lure. We went back out a few days later with topwater lures at the ready but we couldn't find a single coota anywhere! So instead we got a heap more squid and micro jigged for reefies. The wrasse down there are in ridiculous numbers, it's just a shame they don't taste any good like they do up here. They pull like freight trains in under 5m of water with the water so clear you could sometimes see them take your lure! Not many photos taken as we were having so much fun.
  14. fifis101

    Boat Recommendations - 5m Cc

    Looks very very nice!!!
  15. fifis101

    The Weird, The Mysterious And The Wonderful

    A bowmouth guitarfish a mate caught was pretty different. I'd never heard of one before seeing the pics.