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    From tas living in seq.
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  1. The javelin went back I wasn't sure of the minimum size for them and I couldn't be bothered. Yeah the eels gave me a hard time the first one swallowed the hook right down and was bleeding like crazy so I bashed his head and kept him for bait. The second one was a nightmare to unhook one hook was in his chin and the other was in the back of his head. I got one hook out easily but then he started thrashing and there was teeth and hooks and slime going everywhere it was a bit dangerous but he swam free after a minute of me dancing around him with the pliers in the dark haha
  2. Thanks yeah I'm gonna give the sharking a rest and start targeting something else for a while. Not sure what yet
  3. Hi fishos hope everyone is still getting a line in considering these social restrictions and such. So I've spent two or three nights a week over the last five weeks targeting sharks in the north pine river. I haven't had any success with the sharks, though I've caught some other fish. I've been busted off above the leader, had my trace bitten through, had large live baits bitten in half and smaller ones mangled. I guess I could say I've had a run of bad luck on the sharks. Mostly fishing around dohles rocks and at deepwater bend a couple times and under the bridge on the north side couple times. Fishing with my heavy duty shark rod 30lb line, my 8ft gen purpose 10lb line, and my 6ft spin 8lb. I also have an extra reel with 30lb I sometimes bang on the 8ft if I want 2 shark lines in. Using mullet and catfish for bait mostly. This last 2 weeks at dohles rocks (I mostly fish both sides of low tide usually after dark) I've caught some decent bream 35cm+ (and a couple smaller ones), a javelin fish about 35cm, two or three cats about 30cm and two large pike eels last night. I kept one of the eels for shark bait as I was running low on bait. I was disappointed when I saw the first eel because he put up a good fight I thought he might have been a little shark. (continues after pics) I've done a little fishing in Sweeney reserve at petrie. I was getting baits picked off really quick so I put a little whiting hook and tiny bait on and I was catching catfish one after another but they were like only 12cm long. Couple of bream about the same size. Does anyone know if this section of the river is worth fishing? I've put in a few nights there and caught nothing bigger than about 7 inches. Done a bit of lure throwing there too and only caught sticks and snags. I've heard that tarpon sometimes get into this section of the river can anyone confirm this or give me some info on the time of year I'm likely to catch them? I caught a good one in a gold coast canal last November (after hooking up and getting my lure thrown about 5 times) I really loved targeting them I'd love to get onto some more. Thanks for reading!
  4. Hi all this is my first post on the forum excluding my introduction post. I've moved to Brisbane from Hobart about six weeks ago and I've been doing as much fishing as time allows because I'm very keen to get onto some species we don't have down south. The missus moved us up here because of work and we've done a bit of traveling around because of that. Mostly just fishing with an 8ft general purpose rod 15lb braid 20lb leader and Paternoster rig or running sinker rig depending. Then while baits are soaking I like to have a cast with my 6ft spin 10lb braid 10lb leader with a variety of lures depending. Squidgies biotough flickbaits are my favorite. Then there's my shark rod 5ft Penn warfare with a Penn spinfisher 850 with 30lb braid 50lb leader and a wire trace. Live baits or large mullet pieces. So to begin with we were staying at redcliffe. I did a bit of bait fishing from the jetty for a few sessions but after only a couple undersized bream I decided it wasn't a spot for me. I wandered north a little and fished off queens beach a few evenings. During these sessions I got a couple grassy sweetlips, few large bream and a small snapper. Lost a few decent fish. One afternoon I had a go off the rock wall at the entrance to Scarborough marina. I got a decent sized catfish. I saw some birds working about 100 yards out into the bay so I banged a wobbler on my spinner in case they came closer. They didn't but shortly after I saw a large wake and swirl slowly moving against the grain of the water heading straight up into the marina. I thought it must have been the turtle I had seen getting about earlier but then I saw a narrow dorsal fin poke out. Excitedly I cast the wobbler across it and it did a big blowup but missed my lure. Two more casts for nought then on the fourth cast he had it and I was on. Apparently this fish was much bigger than I thought it was going to be because it screamed straight into the marina at high speed totally unstoppable headed for the boats. I stressed and put on as much pressure as I could without breaking anything and my lure popped out of his mouth. I guess he wasn't hooked real well because everything was intact. I was devastated and my hands were shakey for half an hour. Anyone have any ideas what it might have been? I did see him again later (or one of his mates) but way out of casting range. I don't think my gear could have handled him anyway. Then we went up to bundaberg for a few days. I was surf fishing just a little north of Elliot heads. That was great I got a large slatey bream, couple of Moses perch, three or four swallowtail dart and a GT. fished a little bit with the missus at Burnett heads and got a heap of little fish. Javelin fish, whiting, estuary cod, crescent perch and tiny baby Spanish mackerel. Got smoked by a big ray or something unstoppable. Since then we've been staying at Petrie. I got my first bass from kurwongbah and I've been doing a lot of fishing in the north pine river around dohles rocks. I've caught some big bream and catfish there but mostly I've been targeting sharks because on my first attempt there I later out the shark rod with a big ol mullet head for bait and I hooked up only to be bitten off. Mangled my wire leader. I've had a bunch of sessions there over the last couple weeks but no shark yet. I had a legal size bream on for live bait one night and I had a wicked run. Shark took the head half of my bream without getting hooked. Another night I was using small live catfish and something was yanking them off my hooks with short hard runs but again no hookup. I don't know if it was sharks or maybe something else? I've been using multiple hooks per bait since but no luck yet. I've also had a couple gos at woody point and deep-water bend. Just bream and a whiting and a few weird little aquarium looking fish and a couple small shovel noses. If anyone based north Brisbane wants a fishing buddy I'd love some company. I'd also love to get out on the water if anyone with a boat needs someone to pull the anchor! Beers and fuel on me. Haha. I'd also appreciate any advice Cheers thanks for reading
  5. Excellent! Kurwongbah? I've wanted to catch a yella it's on my list. From the bank? What he take if you don't mind me asking? I've only fished there twice from the park at Torrens rd whatever that's called. On my 2nd trip got a 31cm bass on a live shrimp under a float
  6. Yeah the weed at kurwongbah was terrible I couldn't even pull a lure through it had to give up spinning and set rods with a live shrimp under a float. Did the trick though. But those weeds are absolutely full of fish food. Big's and shrimps (and baby tilapia) galore
  7. Trout are plentiful all around tas but they can be tricky. Like any kind of fishing it's mostly sticking to fundamentals and putting in your hours. Im no trout master but I've spent enough time chasing them to know a thing or two. And I have my own personal preferences and opinions. If you've done some research I'm sure you know all this but anyway, 6' light -med light spin rod 4 to 6 lb braid with 6 to 8lb leader. I was always told trout are very sensitive and will spit it out if they can feel the line so lighter is better and no sinker unless absolutely necessary. Even then it must be a free running sinker. If bait fishing leave the bail arm open or have the drag loose as possible. It was always my understanding a trout will pick up a bait and run with it for a bit before he actually eats it so let the line run free for a bit when you get a take. Usually just til it stops again then get ready to load up. Baits would be worms, hoppers, crickets, mudeyes, grubs. Depending on the location. Ummmm lures I like squidgies flickbaits or t tails depending on the location. 8th or 6th oz jighead. Hard bodies just classic rapalas or anything similar. Hope that helps! Oh and redfin are mostly considered trash in tas not many people target them. They are pretty but they're not very sporting. Where they exist they are usually in great numbers. Mostly small aggressive feeders that ironically don't fight much when hooked in my experience Break you mean bream? Yeah I was living in Hobart bream in the Derwent average around 38cm in my experience anything less than 40 we called small. I've caught a couple up here recently though including one tonight that weren't far off the mark
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  9. Thanks a bunch! Yeah loving it so far thanks. I met a guy digging worms at Scarborough on low tide he was doing alright so I have some idea where to find some. Cast net- no I've never tried but from what I've read it seems almost necessary up here so I plan to learn. I've just moved to Petrie so I think I'm going to hit up the north pine for the next couple months try to get a feel for it. I'm right by Sweeney reserve so I dropped a line there and got a couple undersized bream. I've read that some bass are caught in the upper reaches. I got my first bass the other day from kurwongbah which I was pretty stoked on. But yeah I'm thinking I'll try closer to the river mouth for a while lay out some livies and some worms cast a few flickbaits see if I can find a spot I like. Failing that I'll probably continue to target bream and snapper at redcliffe on low tide. Ideally I'd love to catch a mulloway, jack, threadfin, any kind of Trevally, any kind of shark(but not rays lol) snapper, mackerel and basically anything we don't have further south. Thanks for the advice I'll make a post if I get anything worth sharing
  10. ...and things are a bit different up here! I've been fishing since before I can remember and in tassie I know what to do, where to go ect. But up here I'm struggling a little. First of all I don't know anyone up here who fishes so I'm stuck land based til I make friends with someone who is kind enough to take me out on the water (or til my living situation is stable enough to get a craft of my own) secondly, learning the best way to target new species, though it's very interesting and exciting can be very frustrating with little to no experience or know-how apart from what little useful information I can find by googling. Had a few days up at bundaberg and fished around Burnett and Elliot heads but I've mostly been going land based all around redcliffe. Got smoked by something huge I sight casted at the entrance to the Scarborough marina. Won't get over that one for a while. Got a few grassy sweetlip and a few decent sized bream and a small snapper off queens beach. Few shovel noses and stingrays. Some weird little aquarium looking fish from under woody point jetty. Up at bundaberg did some surf fishing got some swallowtail dart and a little GT and a big slatey bream. I plan to do a lot more fishing on Morton bay in the next couple years so I'd love to meet some people who could share some wisdom with me or even take me for a fish sometime. If any of you find a reason to go to Tasmania hit me up and I'll direct you to some wild brown trout! Cheers take it easy
  11. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!