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  2. hey , picking up a fourby this week and was thinking of giving it a test on the sand at bribie , anyone been along there lately? was thinking of pulling up and throwing in a line along the beach somewhere while there if anyone has any recomendations?
  3. kriso

    State of Origin Game 2

    Just found out im going - so excited cant wait to be there in person to see Gallen get smashed!!!!
  4. yep one of the best things on 2 wheels you could witness I reckon, definitely a bucket list thing for me to go one year. those guys have nuts the size of water melons I reckon
  5. nice rig mate looks pretty smicko!
  6. No issues with the boat one stage it glassed out and we were sitting on 70kph had the gear bit through twice by something toothy and my bro caught a hand full of undersized squire and that was about it for us good to see I still have no mojo when fishing lol
  7. Cool stuff changed ramps though to the port will be launching at 330 - 4am tight lines
  8. Hey long time no speak or fish lol hitting the bay with my dopleganger tomorrow morn early will be sniffing round mud and peel etc leaving from manly if you see 2 guys in a bluefin bowrider scratching their head catching nothing give us a wave ( of the hand kind not water wise )
  9. yeah mate can get stuff for D40 , Hilux, Triton (MN), colorado, Ranger, Amarok, Dmax , Great wall. I work for a company that makes Genuine and aftermarket accessories for 4x4 crew cabs. Soft tonneaus, hard tonneaus (hard lids), Canopies, Sportsbars, Nudgebars and fender flares for Toyota hilux and 70 series ute.feel free to PM for info
  10. yep if going a triton defs stick to the manual. and if your looking for a canopy or hard tonneau cover let me know
  11. sorry to rain on the parade , have one for a company car, the auto is absolutley terrible and k's per tank the worst i have had could be just mines a friday car but really disappointed, would have to say navara has had the nicest driving auto i have driven so far but havent driven a auto colorado or dmax yet ( new models) other then that it has been reliable and fairly comfortable (have done over 60,000ks in about 15 months.
  12. RIP mate I will miss the big Larakin that's for sure a very down to earth genuine guy
  13. okay what ever you do dont have the motor running in gear and start playing with the prop or you might never see mrs palmer again if it suddenly wants to play the game while you have fingers where you shouldnt
  14. winner of best post of the thread goes to.....
  15. If i where to buy a ute at the moment it would be a T6 PX Ranger for sure, the 5 cyl diesel puts out more torque then the current 70 series V8 diesel and has better ground clearance. parts are easy to get and ford warranty is pretty straight forward. though i find its each to there own when it comes dual cab vs single cab etc i couldnt go past either a PJ - PK ranger or RC colorado in your price range
  16. yeah thats just the main stuff , could go on about it for donkeys yonks but have bored most enough allready Booty- the 120 is good but the 130 is alot more bang for buck. or even better by some sheep and go fishing on the weekends lol
  17. from my exoerience in the trade is people killing machines by not buying the correct one in the first place, the hardest part is finding someone you can trust that actually knows what there on about and isnt just trying to see the biggest ticket item they can, many atime i sent customers away with a new ride on and told them to go buy that tv etc they wanted with the rest because other shops had told them they need to spend 8 grand etc to get the right machine. then theres the guys that but the cheapest model of a reputable brand , treat like a 5000 series tractor and shit can it to everyone when it breaks. big thing to remember is they are still mowers not tractors so pulling the boat around the yard and trailers full of logs in 6x4 is for tractors not mowers. yes it might do it at first but transmission life will be drastically shortened. best thing you can do is tell your mower shop exactly what you intend to do with the machine and if you have trouble explaining it ask them to come out for a look especially when you have a undulated block. look at whats the tightest area you need to get through and how long do want to spend doing it. really if your on the right machine for the job and mow once a week in season and maybe once a fortnight or 3 weeks in winter you shouldnt really crack over 60hrs a year. what type of grass you have also comes into play thicker lawns like buffalo etc use alot more torque to cut then your thinner blade grasses. ideally v twin engines are alot better for irrigated lush lawns as they produce alot more torque then a single cylinder engine and are generally more fuel efficent because they dont have to work as hard under the same work load. Transmissions is another thing to look at while alot of companies market full drive to both wheels all the time this generally isnt good in tight areas as turning circle is greatly increased and also load on the transmission increased making a shorter life span. many on the market boast a diff lock feature, this is great as you can activate drive to both wheels only when needed but there is alot of models on the market where they have added diff lock feature to a transmission that wasnt really suited for that transmission ( orange swiss named machines feature this ) easy way to tell really is if its not a commercial mower and has diff-lock its probably not suited for it. Not all engine are built equal! you can buy cheap shimano reels and dux nuts models for more money , its the same Kohler for instance has the command engine and also the courage series they are like chalk and cheese so have a chat to the mechanic at the shop and ask about the engine in the machine your looking at. if presentation and cut quality is your thing blade speed is what you should be looking at. the higher the better if your mower is dropping heavily in revs when cutting tip speed is greatly reduced sacrificing the cut if you have thin spindley grass a high tip speed with step fluted blades will deliver the best cut. if you have a high soil content yard to mow expect a shorter life out of your blades as they will be sand blasted and dull spending a bit extra and buying blades with high boron content in the steel will last longer then normal hardened steel. Hopes this helps a bit still heaps i have left out but have bored most enough on this. feel free to give me call or pm if you want to know more, but unfortunatley hung my machinary sales hat up six months ago but more then glad to help steer in the right direction.
  18. fair enough just thought there was more to it then heard from someone else. not having ago just thought you might of had a bad experience with them
  19. hahaha yeah he would probably have a 495 or x748 depending on age ,man they are the ducks nuts i have had them in over 45 degree slopes in the pouring rain and not even using the diff lock -heaps of torque! is a like a V8 70 series cruiser of mowers lol
  20. hahahah let me guess your next line "deere by name dear by nature" would love to hear your reasoning on this one
  21. im here , dude i have worked on them all, and still believe the green and yellow shits on the rest, Husq's are okay but parts cost heaps, JD has hassle free warranty where you can service your self with a maintenance kit and away you go. I have a JD LT180 that has over 450hrs and still runs and cuts like new. and as for getting parts its pizz easy, dont waste your time on a catcher the expensive and not one catcher i have used on any ride on is worth the coin for the finish you get unless it has a blower/ vacum connected to it. Give me a bell on my new number 0401 114 441 and will run through the rest. need to know what size block and terrain etc then will sort you out with a price through the connections.
  22. looking forward to this one better sign up lol
  23. holy cobia!!! nice haul guys very jealous
  24. kriso

    August 11t and 12th

    cool as , i have found some bassy waters near my new place that i will scope out too, good yak launching area as well