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  1. The Estuary range I am working on is still in Prototype phase. Any product we ever make is put through a lot of testing phases, including being sent out to some of the most pickiest fisho's you will ever meet. To make sure we are happy with a product and a customer would be happy we test the crap out of them. The estuary range we are making for now are also not in a flasher hook range. They are for people that are not totally sold on Flasher Hooks or rigs and just want nice and simple pre-made fishing rigs but of a quality and standard only years of expertise could create. I know a lot of people disagree with us when we say, we just use paternosters for estuary fishing as they are awesome and the flashers work amazing on the estuary. I can only say the proof is in the pictures and the thanks we get when we get our customers out of donuts. I will be bringing out 3/0s in this range soon also. This whole virus thing has made things and supplies a little bit difficult at the moment as the best hooks are not made in Australia. I wish they were as I would hands down buy Aussie made hooks in a heart beat, if they were the best damn hooks around. Because that is all I use to create out gear. To make Better Tackle you really have to start with the best tackle.
  2. we have been using the Flashers on the estuaries for a long time but yeah the estuary range is in its final prototype stage at the moment and the beach whiting rigs are on their way. Just waiting on suppliers at the moment and with all that is going on around the world we might be waiting for some time. I personally use the Paternosters for targeting barra in the estuaries as well as threadies. I even cut the sinker tail really close to the bottom Hook for when I am targeting bottom feeders like flatties and do really well. I think because there is a brand called Snapper something people think flashers are only for reef fishing but in all honesty they are perfect for most saltwater species. Slowly getting things done just the Rapid Release Rigs have been killing it on the reef of late.
  3. Mate thanks heaps and you will not be disappointed. The reviews and feedback we get are all from real people that have been impressed enough to send in their vids or reviews on how well our gear is made and how well it works. Word of mouth is really the only marketing we have ever concentrated on because that is how you build something that lasts
  4. That is the one Graham was using yes. But I always suggest getting a few different colors as the two tone colors is designed for contrast and to mimic bait fish when they are in the water. Some swear by the Cherry Bombs, Some by the Fairy Floss, and others. But in saying that I am sure you know what your area and target species would love.
  5. The ones he was using are Cherry bombs which as red and silver. All the flasher rigs are the Rapid Release Rigs and yes they are all colors selections as Flasher work best when matching what your target species are feeding on. We have 8 different color selection to choose from that all work well in different depths and lighting and conditions
  6. BOOM Hope you are all doing well with all this going around. Check out this video a customer sent us. We could not have done a better job ourselves of showing off what Better Tackles Rapid Release Rigs can do and this is all from just one rig. We are Aussie made and owned and the Rod that Graham here is talking about is the GUNNEL ROD which is a Cairns inventor designed and manufactured right here in oz. I have used one of these bad boys with our gear and they are brilliant. Almost as brilliant as our Pre-made rigs. Check them out also video-1586168274.mp4
  7. Mate the flaties love the flashers hooks so we will be releasing ones that are a for running sinkers. Single hook and also 2 hook snooded. Everything I make is for live or dead bait. The flashers are designed to be used with bait they are basically a "Lazy man Lure" which is what I was going to call Better Tackle but since I was not just concentrating on flashers it was a cool name but did not reflect what I will actually do. They will be in both 30lb and 50lb leaders as I am a CQ boy and I personally fish heavy. The thready and the grouper below were all caught on our Flasher rigs and the barras were caught on our old estuary range that I have taken off for now as I was not 100% happy with them.
  8. Well barra season is coming up so estuary rigs are my next release. I am also doing up some, what I call purist flasher rigs which will be an improved flasher model with Gamkatsu hooks. Have a few lads that target whiting specifically with some of my prototypes at the moment. I do not want to put a time frame on them to be honest mate. But when I think they are better than anything else on the market and my testers all agree, well then I will release a small batch and get feed back before i release a large one. No matter how much we test there are always other fishos that have good little ideas or tweaks and I am not the sort of person that does not listen.
  9. yeah all good mate. I will have a few different types. One for off the beach, and two different types for off the boat. Sizes to match winter and summer whiting and also for King George whiting. Both in long shank and circles. Just trying to get a decent deal on tru-turns for the long shanks
  10. Mate for now though. I am slowly working on a lot more gear in the background and we will be releasing larger poppers hopefully before the end of the year but surf poppers are something I do want to work on. I have always been a bait fisho though accept when chasing GT's. I am currently working on a few whiting rigs this season but I am taking the entire season to work out which ones are working the best and then tweak them a little bit more. I am also just concentrating just for now in 4 packs of rigs. Just really simple classic fishing rigs but with great gear. Something you can grab, know that it is something you really can trust and making sure the packaging is all eco-friendly. Over time I will work on other collection and I do also specialty orders for a lot of people but I would need to work on surf poppers for a long time to make them up to a standard I would be happy with. Thanks for your comment though mate.
  11. Hey all. Been a big year for me with Better Tackle and trying to get more mobile. Struggling a bit with the back today even though i need to make more stock instead I thought I would show off a little bit about the quality I am doing and the reasoning behind my designs.
  12. I am Josh from Better Tackle.  

    I run a small little hobby business focusing on exactly what the name implies.


    I started this after an accident left me unable to go out fishing as much as I used to and I wanted to still be part of the lifestyle, sport and hobby that I love.

    Everything I write, make and do around Better Tackle is a reflection of that love.


    Tight lines

    1. This article can be also found on my website here if you would like to help and support my little proud Aussie hobby business What colours do fish see? November 11, 2019 Do you know what colours fish see when you want to increase your hookups? Are you getting the most out of your fishing rigs? This is one of the questions and discussions that come up very often when choosing your colour variants for flasher material and lures. When you look at the multitude of information around sometimes this can seem contradictory and confusing. Some of it is because of bro-science (or wives tales) and some of it is because fish at times can be very fickle. This video below shows different colours with longer and shorter light waves and how they change in the water the deeper you dive. from Kendall Robergs channel Lighter colors lose their visibility first and then darker colours including ultra violet colours like fluorescents slowly lose their vibrancy while shorter spectrum colours like blue, black and purple becoming the most distinguishable the deeper you go. This is caused by the scatter effect meaning that water absorbing the light effect the sharpness of colours and dulls them so they can no longer be seen or distinguished from other colours or the become less vibrant the deeper they go. As seen in this diagram below light penetration between coastal waters and open ocean can also have an effect on the colour spectrum. NOAA Deep Light diagram Do fish see like we do? If you take into account that the human eye and fish eyes are similar but also very unlike on how we see colours and shapes in our natural environments. It is realized by many, what we see and what they see is different. Colours will lose their intensity and become invisible to the naked human eye the deeper they go, fish, on the other hand, have an added evolutionary advantage in deeper waters than we humans do. Eyeshine or scoptic vision gives fish and other predatory species of animals a distinct advantage over their prey in low light conditions. The reflector that is just behind their retinas, reflect visible light and increases the brightness of what they can see in low light conditions. This though effects their perception of objects and makes them blurry. Photo courtesy of Dave Condon Fishing Scientific research proves that fish do not see colours the way we do and that different species perceive different colours or are repelled or attracted to different spectrums. Many species of fish are Trichromats means they can see in all three primary colours but this only accounts for half of the fish species. Predators, on the other hand, are colour blind and have a keener sense of distance then than other non-predatory species. Then there are deep-sea fish and blind cave-dwelling fish but in general, the species we are targeting can see a hell of a lot better in low light conditions then we can. Fsh can see better in these environments then us humans can, we still have to be aware of the depth we are targeting for the species we are hunting. It is not just enough to have a singular colour for your flasher. Even though some species of fish can still see these light colours in deeper depths than us fishos we still want to maximize our efficiency in luring them to our bait and onto our boat as much as possible. This is why when you are making your own flasher hooks or lures or buying them you will want to pick colours and two tones contrasting colouring that will give you an added edge over their evolution. By using this very advantage fish have in seeing better than we can in low light environments that also blurs their vision, you can see why flasher rigs like our flasher hooks, that use distinct contrasting colours as well as beads that mimic eyeshine work so well in increasing your hookups. (Colorblind comparison to show the importance of two-tone coloring) Everyone is familiar of how well pink lures and flashers work well on many species. Even at depths that we humans would never be able to distinguish. Some fishos claim that lighter colours attract just as well in the deep, suggesting that is the flasher itself that increases the hookups or the contrasting colours used. This is why paired colours are so important when selecting your flasher hooks that you buy or make yourself. Your flasher hooks and lures will not be as effective or enticing to the target species you are angling for without paired colours. Then what colour should you choose when you are out fishing? Well, there are a few variances you have to consider: How deep is the structure you are targeting? How sunny is the day? How far are you to coastal waters? Water turbidity (how cloudy or hazy the water is) Some colour basics when choosing your flasher or lure. Sunny days- Colours like bronze or gold or metallic colours like chrome work best on sunny days. Close to the surface- Reds and pinks work best on shallow reefs Dark Background- Hyper colours like Chartreuse and white. Depth- Black, Blue, and Dark green work well and are very vibrant in deeper water. Rough Days- on rough and choppy days’ lighter coloring are not going to be as effective so select darker colors on rough days as this will increase the effectiveness of your flasher hooks. Matching the hatch a term that is thrown around a lot and that is because it is a tried and true effective approach to selecting your flasher hooks and lures. So in answer to the question what colors do fish see? Well, for fish that are not color blind, all of them including UV colouring that we cannot even see ourselves. What humans think is black or too dark to see in the darker depths of the ocean becomes more metallic and vibrant the lower they drop. These darker colours attract your target species just as well as the lighter, shinier colours as they are distinguishable when other spectrum variants have already lost their pigment. We have all caught fish at night so we know that there is enough light from the moon and stars for fish that are in shallower and murkier waters to find their prey. Vibrations, smell and shape having a large part to do with this as well as lumo beads. So do not be scared to mix it up with the colour chart that is written above. What works for you, in all honesty, is what works for you. This is probably because of where you are used to fishing you can rely on experience and first-hand knowledge. But do not be afraid to follow this guide as you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Having a range of different colour flashers or lures is always your best option when heading out fishing. If your tried and tested coloring is not working mix it up. With Better Tackles Rapid Release Rigs this process will take you less than 2 minutes. We don’t just help increase your hookups but also give you a better experience each and every time when you are out on the water pursuing your next PB. CHECK OUT OUR ENTIRE SELECTION TODAY Wishing you all tight lines and thanks for visiting us. The Better Tackle Team I had promised this article awhile ago but have been a bit flat chat with the business lately. I hope this helps everyone out in selecting colors for their lures or flashers in the future
    2. Yeah mate. That was the first time he had used our gear. What a bloody awesome fish to show of the gear right? Ha my heart was pounding watching his uncut version. He worked that red beautifully