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  1. All good mate. We are a bit low on stocks at the moment as last week we had a cracker of a week with lads telling their mates about our gear. I had to take a Job in Asia a few months ago to help with bills while we slowly organically got more known outside of Central Queensland but if things keep going like they are I can concentrate fully on the rig making. So far the response and feedback has been amazing which is great as I really do make quality gear but the secret is to keep it up so that people get what they expect each and every time. Ha Mrs Better Tackle was having a few words to me this week about our house looking like a tackle store as I have been working my butt off all week making new rigs to restock.
  2. Mate later on this year we are thinking of heading to either Fiji or maybe Thailand if funds do not go our way for a charter and holiday to shoot some vids for our gear. I have heard the Fiji charters are amazing. The flashers work just as well as the plastics IMO and I am a lazy fisherman that so they suit me better hahaha. Would you recommend the fiji trip and do you have any recommendations?
  3. Bang on that is exactly what they are
  4. wish I could tell you what type he is but well done it is a beautiful specimen for this species and top eating. I would like to know what this exact species is myself thought it was a black reef but there is no yellow around its eye. Though Chinaman leather jackets have the same coloring with the yellow fins and do run to a light brown Ill leave it up to the experts but its a beauty in coloring
  5. Caught up with a mate of mine while I was overseas and he asked if the rigs I make would work off-shore in Florida. Since we are only a small hobby business and are not an actual online tackle store and a manufacturing business we did not really have much funds for advertising as Better Tackle is a labor of love not profit. ( Our whole business model is to make better rigs then you can make yourself or get from the big name companies that sell similar pre-made rigs). So I sent him home with a few of our rigs and mentioned that the Cherry bomb and the Irish Eyes as well as the Blue Sunrise are my personal favs for reef fishing. He sent me back this picture of the biggest trigger fish he has ever caught in 40 years fishing and was super impressed. Which I was shocked how impressed he was as he knows me and knows that if I make something or put my name to it ifs bloody good but I am also aware there is a lot of similar poorly made stuff out there so many people are standoffish with our gear. ( which is fair enough but sigh, does make things hard when you are trying to promote yourself.) What he was most impressed about was he just rolled the rig back onto our unique rapid release winding boards for the next trip. But check out this trigger fish. Its a bloody beauty. Tight lines guys Josh from Better Tackle oh and coincidentally the 20% discount I have done up for members here is still available . The code is Aussiefishing, Just add that at check out as I like to give back to a community I enjoy being part of. Hope you are all wetting a line this weekend or wetting your thirst or both, as I am want to do myself.
  6. what a weird looking beauty of a fish. Seem to be a few washing up dead on the beaches lately.
  7. mate that is a great fish. Well done
  8. hey thanks guys, I will try to get one out once a month or so. Thank you for the comments. I do not want to just promote my stuff and tell people how I have the strongest best made pre-made rigs on the market I want to build up a name that people know and trust and supply old fishos and new alike on handy hints and tips that will help their fishing just like so many people have shared with me over the years between fishing clubs and randoms I have met camping. Honestly it is the most rewarding hobby for anyone to have and while this period of building up my store and name has been long and grinding , it is in an industry I love and it is very rewarding when you learn a new trick. Tight lines and thank you so much
  9. Hey guys so I did my first ever quick tip section for my youtube channel. As I get time between work and the store Ill slowly add more very quick and simple tips that some of us already know and others might not. Hope you enjoy it is is a whole 25 secs long and straight to the point which i plan to make all my vids. Tight lines guys ( i edited it as I realized I could just put the vid here instead of linking it) Thanks for watching and I hope you like it. Please give me any feedback as I want to make these are informative as possible without droning on.
  10. My mate that owns the site made up a discount code for Australian Fishing Customers only. It gives any member from here 20% off at his online store and it is up until the end of November. He said thanks heaps to you guys and was wishing you all tight lines.
  11. Awesome post mate. This is much appreciated. I will do exactly this as I had been looking at how much release mechanisms were and decided they were over priced. Will get this done up and give it a try out over chrissy. LEGEND MATE.
  12. Me and a mate have just bought a drone together for something a bit different and in all honesty I am just wondering what sort of rig set up do people use for it. For beach fishing when we go 4x4 when I feel like a bit of adventure instead of taking the boat out. Does anyone here use drones and if so what set up do you use?
  13. I personally have a few different rods but if it is just for whiting as long as you are wading in and aiming for nice deep gutters you should be fine. For whiting though try to use red beads to attract them as that really helps a bunch for whiting. For beach fishing though a longer rod is what you really need to get out there but see how you go mate. I have only ever used longer rods for beach fishing