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  1. @GregOug you are right. turns out the cheap seat mount I bought from BCF, doesn’t use fasteners that suit boats. In particular nuts that vibrate loose. The days trip required the fishing pliers to keep the bolts tight. other than that. An absolute cracking day in the passage with the family.
  2. I’ve ordered a pedestal for a 2nd seat. this is the back bench set up. Will see how it goes driving the tiller in the seat tomorrow
  3. Hamish, when I was in high school, I spent hours each week chasing Jacks in the Pumicestone Passage for 2 years. I ended up catching two straight after each other one day. All that time paid off. From what I can see, you do the research and study into fishing. More than I ever did. So I reckon you’d be successful in the Brisbane River.
  4. Hi Glen, how old is your youngest? Fishing is a great way to spend time together. I love taking my eldest out who is 6, but my youngest is going to be a keen fisho. He turns three in a few weeks & loves the boat.
  5. Towknee

    Nrl 2020

    Tough weekend to tip a winner
  6. Thanks for that. Will still put in one pedestal seat to try and save my Dads back when he come along. Along with a cushion on the passenger side of the back bench seat will do the trick. On a side note, got the boat ready yesterday to take the family out. Was going to muck around on a few yabby banks in the passage. Didn't anticipate the rain! Another weekend without putting the boat in the water.
  7. Thanks Ellicat, I keep thinking of upgrading to a Quintrex 460 renegade, one day But this one does the job for now. I do like the tiller steer as I can watch everyone in the boat & it has plenty of floor space. But long runs in the bay in the cold, makes me wish I had a different set up! I put in a new switchboard earlier this year. Took advantage of it and made a mounting board out of HDPE plastic and relocated the ignition switch. Which has helped tidy it up. Need to neaten up the wiring As a few have fallen down.
  8. That’s what I’m thinking Ellicat. I’ll give it a go & see how it goes.
  9. Ive got a 4.8m tiller steer open tinny. I bought two seats to put on the back bench seat. Turns out I can only fit the drivers seat as the other interferes with the tiller. Do you Think the 19mm ply floor handle the pedestal I’ve attached? Happy for suggestions. On getting a few more seats in the boat.
  10. I blamed myself as I decided to take two young kids with me. The almost 2yo boy starting throwing things out of the trolley & the 5 yo boy was running loose in BCF. Mayhem! Rushed my inspection...
  11. I fell for this trick also didn’t know till fully installed
  12. Thanks Ellicat, didn’t notice the ‘report to mod’ button. Looks like I need to turn my phone on the side to see it!
  13. Sammy Hitzke has a fishing channel on YouTube. He often does deep water jigging. In a few of the videos he mentions the gear he uses.