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  1. Hi Chrisophagus, what boat do you have? Understand the meaning of free time with babies. i can take my eldest out in the boat, youngest is a few years away. my wish list is. 1. Catch a nice feed of tailor with my Son 2. Take my old man on a successful mackerel session in the bay 3. Explore the bay more 4. Catch a long tail tuna 5. My son catches a flathead
  2. Thanks for the recommendations. Caught two legal schoolies & on the way home caught a 50cm dusky flathead under the hornibrook bridge. Great morning in the boat with the young bloke!
  3. Thanks for the advice. Will head out in the morning & see what we can find. Any difference on the measured mile vs heading further north in the bay?
  4. Hi, planning to take my son out fishing on Friday. He really wants to catch a mackerel. I haven’t had a good go at chasing them in Moreton Bay yet. So if anyone has some advice or recent reports of getting a few would appreciate it. - I generally like to get out really early in the morning. Is it important for Mackerel in the bay? Or is anytime ok? Thanks
  5. Welcome! I’m still pretty new to the bay myself. Im sure a few of the members will be able to give some of their thoughts.
  6. Towknee

    Weld Quality

    Mine was welded near the keel and never cracked again. Find someone who is experienced in boat repairs.
  7. Towknee

    Weld Quality

    On a previous boat I had to get a few crack repairs done. The welder who specialised in aluminium boat repairs said that 90% of cracks are due to incorrect trailer set up. I looked at my trailer set up and the keel rollers were not taking the weight, so adjusted them up and it stopped the cracks.
  8. Towknee


    Welcome. Whereabouts are you based?
  9. Crab pots took a bit to clean the weed off
  10. Picked them up north of Donnybrook around Lime Pocket. Plenty of weed around at the moment.
  11. Bloodworms are hard to beat when targeting whiting. As a kid Digging bloodworms in the passage always resulted in us having whiting for dinner! My son & I picked these ones up on yabbies in the passage yesterday along with plenty of bream that went back in the water.
  12. Hopefully the weather and work let me get out and take a look over the next few weeks. Also promised to take my 5yo boy squid fishing on the school holidays. A feed of squid and Tailor would go down nicely
  13. Do you need to RSVP?, looks interesting.
  14. Hi, Hope a few forum members are taking advantage of the weather this weekend. Put the boat in yesterday arvo till after dark, fished around Redcliffe/ Scarborough in the hope of getting a few tailor. Caught some legal bream and plenty of undersized fish. At least this kept the young bloke entertained Anyone has any luck catching tailor yet around northern Moreton Bay?
  15. Thanks for your thoughts Gents. Think I may lash out and buy the blue sea Switch panel that has the fuse holder inbuilt. Just need to check dimensions. Box is a good idea Drop Bear.