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  1. Very family friendly there are parks along the waterfront. You can fish off the bank into the water.
  2. I’ve never fished off the jetty (assume you mean Bribie). It’s a popular spot. Plenty of land based spots. On the calm side you can head north of the bridge and usually get a feed of whiting.
  3. I kept the mud crab & my old man kept a few bream & the sand crab for a feed. Let the rest go. if I realised how many prawns were around, would of chased a feed. But only used them for bait & froze a few sandwich bags of them for future fishing trips. the flat head was a touch short of being a keeper. Didn’t matter though, my 5yo caught it and they are one of his favourite fish. It was his first one! Next step is to get him a keeper. The herring would of ranged 20 - 25cm their body was diamond shaped. I’ve never seen them before, they loved yabbies!
  4. Hi, last weekend I decided rain, hail or shine. The boat is getting launched. So with the wind to strong to chase mackerel in the bay with my tinny. Yesterday arvo we took my 2yo and 5yo to put a couple of crab pots in. Along with getting the 2yo familiarised with the boat on the plane. This morning launched the boat at 7am at Toorbul and checked the pots. One legal muddy and one legal sand crab. Pumped yabbies & wanted a few poddy mullet. Ended up with plenty of prawns instead. the first 4hrs on the morning incoming tide was really entertaining. Between myself, my old man & 5yo we caught; - Plenty of bream - Small GT - flathead - 5x Some kind of herring on yabbies - Undersized grunter I really enjoy the passage every time I head back!
  5. Nice! I’m actually fishing the Fitzroy Barra bash competition in May. Haven’t chased barramundi before, looking forward to the challenge. @Luvit I’ll be ordering some gobblers 6” paddle tails shortly!
  6. Hi @Luvit, Planning to chase some Barra with a mate in the Fitzroy river. Will need to buy some soft plastics, are you able to give some advice on which ones/ size from the gobblers range you would recommend? Cheers tow-knee
  7. good haul on the prawns. Need to get myself a cast net with a top pocket!
  8. Hi, after all this rain we have had in SEQ. What are your thoughts on fishing in Moreton bay now and the next month? Anyone experienced it from previous big rain events? cheers Towknee
  9. Hamish, your fishing reports are second to none. Keep it up! Really enjoyed reading the informative report.
  10. Hi Chrisophagus, what boat do you have? Understand the meaning of free time with babies. i can take my eldest out in the boat, youngest is a few years away. my wish list is. 1. Catch a nice feed of tailor with my Son 2. Take my old man on a successful mackerel session in the bay 3. Explore the bay more 4. Catch a long tail tuna 5. My son catches a flathead
  11. Thanks for the recommendations. Caught two legal schoolies & on the way home caught a 50cm dusky flathead under the hornibrook bridge. Great morning in the boat with the young bloke!
  12. Thanks for the advice. Will head out in the morning & see what we can find. Any difference on the measured mile vs heading further north in the bay?
  13. Hi, planning to take my son out fishing on Friday. He really wants to catch a mackerel. I haven’t had a good go at chasing them in Moreton Bay yet. So if anyone has some advice or recent reports of getting a few would appreciate it. - I generally like to get out really early in the morning. Is it important for Mackerel in the bay? Or is anytime ok? Thanks