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  1. Tackle world Lawnton has 20% off sale.
  2. Towknee

    My New Boat

    Very Nice! what size minn Kota do you need to hold her in position?
  3. Cheers Wazza, do they seem sturdy enough? I like the idea of being to interchange the accessories that click into the mount.
  4. Looking to install some railblaza attachments and accessories in the boat. If anyone has installed them. How have you found them?
  5. Hamish, Sounds like a plan, focus on school for the rest of term. Then you’ll have plenty of time to get caught up on the fishing talk.
  6. Towknee

    Nrl 2020

    Is anyone having issues with the nrl tipping app? on my iPhone it just opens for a second and goes back to the Home Screen.
  7. Hi Hamish, pics attached. Can sort out the details through PM. You might need to combine the trip with a fish off Shorncliffe Pier!
  9. Hamish, If your Dad is willing to drive to Deagon. You can have the one in my shed. Bought it a year ago off gumtree to make it into a fishing trailer. Haven’t done anything with it, so might as well give it to someone who can get some use from it.
  10. can order the floats through the website above
  11. @Drop Bear Looking forward to see what the Redcliffe chapter gets upto and helping out.
  12. Hi Drop Bear, Highly recommend it. Particularly when tying the FG knot out in the boat.
  13. If I have the space, I take a couple of rods. So I can minimise tying a new leader out in the boat. i ended up buying a knot assist2.0. It helps.
  14. Towknee

    Nrl 2020

    I was hopeful the broncos would repeat the performance against the Panthers last week.
  15. You won’t regret it. I bought the Okuma Sabiki UTG. I finally made the decision when I laid my bait jig down on the boats floor carpet. Was tough to get the little hooks free! if my floor ever needs replacing, hookless marine carpet will be used