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  1. If I have the space, I take a couple of rods. So I can minimise tying a new leader out in the boat. i ended up buying a knot assist2.0. It helps.
  2. Towknee

    Nrl 2020

    I was hopeful the broncos would repeat the performance against the Panthers last week.
  3. You won’t regret it. I bought the Okuma Sabiki UTG. I finally made the decision when I laid my bait jig down on the boats floor carpet. Was tough to get the little hooks free! if my floor ever needs replacing, hookless marine carpet will be used
  4. Towknee

    Nrl 2020

    Thanks @ellicat, i surprised myself with the perfect t 8. Must of been my weekend, as I also picked the 6 point margin in the south’s game! Listening to the pre game show, I almost changed my pick to the dragons.
  5. I bought one, awesome in the boat as it stops the jig hooks getting caught on things when not in use. I found when using off the pier, you need more weight than the little sinker that comes with the bait jig.
  6. I’ve ordered a few, looking forward to see how they turn out!
  7. Read about this project in the Bush and Beach magazine. Recycling bottle tops into crab pot floats, crowd funding campaign to make the moulds.
  8. Sorry North Team. Decided to take the young bloke for an overnight camp trip. Ended up with little fishing time & no fish. Caught a cracker of a bream in the crab pot. I let him go, as I thought it was bad sportsmanship to submit him in the comp! edit: ran the pots. Only caught one crab, no little ones, no females. When I collected the pots to pack up, found this bloke inside. If your only going to get one crab, might as well be a good one!
  9. That thread was what made me to keep thinking about it!
  10. Good to see some fish being caught. Going to try and find a spot out the wind in the passage this weekend and see if I can add one for the North team!
  11. They are the ones who catch the Mackerel and hook up to the occasional longtail! It is a big walk, I’m on the verge of buying a trolley/ cart to get out there.
  12. I do like taking my two young boys fishing at the Shorncliffe Pier. We haven’t caught anything awesome, but enough to keep them entertained!
  13. Another one
  14. Towknee

    Black Marlin

    @GregOug they do have their advantages!