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  1. Hopefully the weather and work let me get out and take a look over the next few weeks. Also promised to take my 5yo boy squid fishing on the school holidays. A feed of squid and Tailor would go down nicely
  2. Do you need to RSVP?, looks interesting.
  3. Hi, Hope a few forum members are taking advantage of the weather this weekend. Put the boat in yesterday arvo till after dark, fished around Redcliffe/ Scarborough in the hope of getting a few tailor. Caught some legal bream and plenty of undersized fish. At least this kept the young bloke entertained Anyone has any luck catching tailor yet around northern Moreton Bay?
  4. Thanks for your thoughts Gents. Think I may lash out and buy the blue sea Switch panel that has the fuse holder inbuilt. Just need to check dimensions. Box is a good idea Drop Bear.
  5. Hi, After a free outings in the boat, I’ve found a few things I want to repair/ change. One of them is replace the bilge pump and replace the nav lights with new LED lights. The boat has a switch panel with 5 of the 6 switches wired up. The previous owner wired the negative feed from the battery to 5 wired in a blob of solder. It is doing the job but hard to rewire individual items and not as tidy as I would like. When I wired in the new sounder I ran a line direct to the battery. But I don’t want to do this for every item. What have other people done in open Tinnies as the only busbars I can see are not close to water proof or water resistant. Cheers towknee
  6. A second hand 4.8m Stessco Outsider with a 60hp 4 stroke. So far happy with the set up, wanted a tiller or side steer so I can watch everyone on the boat when motoring. Ended up with a tiller steer. With two young boys, definitely need to keep an eye on them
  7. Hi Poddymullet, the weather made it a cracking day on the water, a feed of fish would help top the day off. I’m hopeful of finding a feed of fish in the bay, but it is all new for me, so may take a while. Planning to head out on Friday, if the weather isn’t great. Will poke around my old fishing grounds in the passage. Stoked to finally have a boat again! How consistent do people find curtain artificial reef?
  8. He took a picture for show & tell at Prep. Still tells people about it We had a couple of hours free yesterday morning so put the boat in (just off Clontarf) and caught heaps of undersized fish. His rod handling skills are coming along! Was great weather yesterday! Would of loved a bit more time out there.
  9. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. As it’s new territory for me. Young bloke would of stayed out all day! So looking forward to many more hours in the boat.
  10. Got the boat out on Saturday to take my son out (turns 5 in a few months). Put the boat in at Shorncliffe and decided to head up to Scarborough Reef. Only caught underside fish (Bream & Squire), a single winter whiting plus a few Sharks. Son caught a shark on his little kids ugly stick combo by himself. Shark was around 70cm long, it made his day and he can’t wait to tell his friends. I was impressed that the little combo did the job. is it worth fishing Scarborough reef? Or is it fished out and I should try else where? looking forward to finding a few spots close by plus a few further out also! Was great to finally get out on the water again!
  11. Been a long time since I chased flatties on lures, around 15years. Caught most of them on crawdad hard bodies and double tail mr twister soft plastic grubs. for the hard bodies, I liked something 50-100mm long that dive deep enough so it would hit along the bottom. After finally getting a boat and visiting a few tackle stores, since you don’t see many of the lures I mention I’m sure there are better things out there. Look foreword to seeing what people recommend!
  12. 1. Roosters 2. Souths 3. St George 4. Broncos 5. Storm 6. Panthers 7. Sharks 8. Cowboys
  13. Towknee


    It’s a second hand boat. 480 Outsider Stessco, fitted the budget and has the high sides to suit the young kids. its been so long since I’ve done some serious fishing, I’m pretty excited. cant wait to explore the bay, will keep you updated on the trips once I get out
  14. Towknee


    Thanks for the welcome messages. Bought the kids lifejacketsband a few things today. Just need to wait for the weather! When can you expect Tailor in the northern part of the bay?
  15. Towknee


    Hi fellow fisherman, Finally took the plunge and bought a boat last weekend a 4.8m open tinny with a 60hp 4 stroke. So looking forward to exploring the bay chasing mackerel, tailor and some snapper. Grew up spending all my fishing time in Pumicestone Passage, so the bay is new and enjoy reading reports and topics on this forum. As I get back into fishing looking forward to also contributing. Cheers, Towknee