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  1. Have a look at the Daiwa RZ range. I have put a Sedona 5000 on one and are great. Go for a lighter option (mines 6-9kg). Tight lines
  2. Sure. I keep all my trips in a journal so will just have to make it sound less scientific and more of a informative story., Looking forward to a fish soon.
  3. Thanks all. I will certainly make a few wire rigs on hopefully be on some good fish.
  4. Thanks. I have a broomstick of a 24kg rod and a 20, 000 reel I'd like to use for mackerel and sharks. Off that spot and even the beach, would the current take a float out to sea? I can only cast 10- 15m accurately with this rod. Thanks for all your help
  5. Thanks mate. It's not too bad a drive as I live on the Southside. I think I might try to float a livie for a mackie and heard of a 65cm grunter caught of that spot as well. I totally forgot about crocs as well (me being a good Northener!). Thanks for the tips
  6. Thanks. I'll be grateful to talk to him
  7. Hi all, I would like to pick your brains on a few questions. I fish mostly landbased off Cairns. I am looking for a spot at False Cape (don't want to give the exact location away but people would know the spot if they fish it). Has anyone fished it recently and would be able to give me some tips and tricks for catching fish there? Can you catch mackerel if you throw a bait out on a float? Also, I would like some knowledge on land- based shark fishing. Has anyone got some good spots (just please tell me which beach, I will put the time in) for big sharks? I don't have a option to 'swim' a bait out o a kayak or something of the sort so would a float rig work to let it drift out or possibly just casting? Thank you all and tight lines.
  8. Yeah. Sometimes we will cut up a little trevally (they have a great, firm flesh that holds hard for strip baits and is also great for sashimi) or livebait a whiting. We catch these odd little fish at Palm Cove (about 30cm) that are a brilliant shark livie. I will have to take photos next time we fish there.
  9. Yeah, especially off the piers when you have such long waits between 'real' fish you have to keep yourself busy. Might have to experiment as these smaller fish don't seem to hook themselves. I will need to buy some 'J' hooks for these smaller fish.
  10. Thanks. I might have to build a rod for smaller estuary fish. As I fish in Cairns our 'estuary' fish include barra, jacks and little trevs (I also catch tons of whiting and small jewies) so I usually use 40lb leader and a 6-9kg spin outfit for smaller fish and larger overheads for live baiting. I will need to invest in some smaller circles and lighter line for some smaller fish.
  11. Thanks mate. I definitely will let the fish run with it as I can't strike with circle hooks (or half circles like wide gaped). Hopefully that should be the magic potion. If not, smaller hooks for dead bait is the go. Cheers
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  13. Hi all, I fish landbased off the piers in FNQ and constantly find I get baited without a hookup. I use 4/0 Eagle Claw Widegapes. I fish mostly with livebait or frozen prawns and squid. I am always getting bites on the frozen baits. They are reasonable and I have hooked fish like this in the past (but not much bigger than 40cm or smaller than 15cm). Should I fish like the snapper fishos in NZ fish by opening the bail arm and see if the fish runs with the bait? Thanks
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