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  1. Jaz44

    queensland Where Now?

    Thanks. I find though, that I tend to be more productive fishing on the coast. I might just have to go back to the Stratford jetty. Apparently Yarrabah is opening up next Friday so might fish my spot.
  2. Hello everyone, With this horrible wind in Cairns and Yarrabah closed, most of my options are gone or difficult to fish. Any advice on where to go? I fished the Stratford jetty with no luck only a week ago. I was out of the wind though. I only want to fish saltwater. I’m not my best at Tinaroo! Thanks and tight lines.
  3. I am pretty lucky. I will grab offal from my local fish monger and combine it with the ‘stripped’ chicken from my work (I work at a chicken store). The chicken and bones release much oil and the mackerel skins and prawn shells release a lot of smell.
  4. Hey mate. I am just getting started in jigging but do a good bit of bottom bashing in the GBR. I have 2 main setups. My favourite is a Penn International 975 with a 15kg Live Fibre rod. The second one is a Penn Trq200 with a good stiff rod. Both reels are made in the USA and are bulletproof. Both have good drags and are great combos. They are the ‘jigging’ setups 15 years ago. The rods don’t bend to the handle but will still work a jig well. You won’t lose as many fish.
  5. Hey mate. So sorry for the late reply. I actually went fishing on Friday with little luck. I did catch bait for next trip though! For next time, a simple tip is to just throw a net at the Tingira street boat ramp, We always catch bait there. If not, throw a net off creek mouths and points. You will always get bait. If you are time poor and can't look for fish, just anchor up on one of those yellow buoys. There are always fingermark and I have caught some grunter there. We found some structure just in front of a buoy full of fish. Try fishing the leads too. Time is much needed to find fish. 'Snag bashing' may produce some good fish but is a waste of time. It's too inconsistent.
  6. Good stuff mate. Great little session. You would get some decent meat of a 48cm flattie.
  7. So true. I have had experience with an ugly stik and they are fantastic. I will certainly be happy to build this rod. As school holidays start in 3 weeks or so, I will probably complete it then.
  8. I am a big fan of my Calcutta's. I own the 200B and the 400B. I have a custom G-Loomis on the 400B for live baiting and trolling (it's a shorter rod and a bit stiffer). The 200B is my casting reel. I love the traditional shaped reels. I haven't had any problems and the reel was one of the first Calcutta's ever produced. I purchased the blank for only $2 (at a garage sale along with 5 other blanks) and I had the idea of a light bream/ estuary rod or a new baitcasting rod. I chose the baitcasting rod as I have no need for another estuary combo.
  9. Hello everyone, I have decided to build myself a baitcasting rod for my Calcutta 200B. I want a long rod (I already have a shorter one) for flats fishing and landbased casting. I have gotten myself a 7 foot blank. It's a lightish action and rated for around 4-5kg. Will this rod be able to pull in a sizeable barra or good size fish in the snags or will it just snap? I will run 25-30lb braid on this setup and a 40lb leader.
  10. Great stuff.What combo do you use?
  11. Do you just use fish frames for burley? I want to start doing burleying my spots.
  12. I believe he his Hamish. I was just comparing wooden handlines to traditional shaped baitcasters. Sorry to confuse you.
  13. How did you go Tony? You always seem to catch at least one stonker each trip.
  14. I think it was a yellowfin. The pikey is too dark coloured. In a few months, I will have to fish False Cape and see how I go.