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  1. have a look at these https://rodarmour.com/product/wrapstrap-rod-strap/
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  3. thanks all, the pics were taken on either Kris's cannon dslr or on my Samsung s8 or Khoi's Samsung phone. cheers Rob
  4. just a quick report, first in some years i think. Camped at pointro, last friday, we had maybe two other boats on the dam besides Den and Khoi. Sweresy was my decky. The conditions were awesome and it is a great place to fish and camp especially with the family or quick over nighter with mates. Maroon is chock full of tilapia, everywhere you went there were schools of large fish and a heap more on the beds. Had a few chase out lures but no hook ups. The bass and yellas were on the chew and hit pretty much whatever we threw at them. here are a few pics from the friday and sat morning sessions Most pics from Khoi, Den and Kris Lures used with most success was a Fish Arrow Jig Spin with damiki armor shad paddle tail plastic. Hardbodies i used Pontoon 21 preference shad and cablista jerkbaits. Kris used a maria as well Khoi and den threw spinnerbaits, Fish Arrow J Grubs and Damiki Armor Shad paddle tails. Campfire is still closed and is an example of what not to do. I will let the pics do the talking cheers Rob
  5. The Auction has ended The winner of pack one was Adam Kisnorbo for his winning bid of $335. This amount is going to Drought Angels. The winner of pack two was Richard Unwin for his winning bid of $655. This amount is going to Buy a Bale I cannot thank all those legends who bid on these packs enough and also to everyone who liked and shared and tagged mates in it. Two great charities are getting some much needed donations, the posts have been shared heaps of times, a combined post reach of over 10 000 , so more people know about these charities as well and hopefully that will lead to not just more awareness but also more donations to them. Lastly, i want to thank Mick CAST Magazine , Blair from Chilton Tackle Co. , Kris from Blend Smoked Honey , Searing Tackle for putting forward the quality products that made this possible. If you can, give them a like and check out their websites and gear. Its pretty cool that in tough times, we can all band together and help each other out. Thank you all for making this a success. You guys rock UPDATE - Both winning bidders have made their payments to the relevant charities and have sent in their confirmation of payments.
  6. The Auction is now live here are the two packs , both worth over $400 each. to bid, go to this page www.facebook.com/masterangleroz
  7. We received the swimbait and cool t shirt from Chiltons Tackle Co yesterday. the last of the products will arrive tommorrow and then i will take some pics and post up for the auction
  8. Hi All (Admin please delete if i am breaking any rules) On the Facebook book master angler page https://www.facebook.com/Masterangleroz we will be running two auctions to raise money for Drought affected communities. If any of you are on facebook and want to take part please check out our page on Friday and over the weekend. Hopefully we can raise a decent amount . cheers Rob ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Friday starting at 6pm (Qld time) we will be running two auctions simultaneously. The details are as follows The auction starts this Friday the 10th August at 6pm and will close at 8pm (Qld time) Sunday 12th August. Highest bidder by close of Auction secures the Tackle Pack that was bid for. All bids are to be made in the public comments section for the auction you are participating in, not in replies or by private msg. Reserves will be stated on the day and the bids go up in minimum $10 increments. Payment is to be made to the nominated charities as stated below with 48 hours and the confirmation of payment to be screen shot and sent through to us. Once received and confirmed, your Tackle pack will be posted to you by us. The two auctions are as follows ---- Auction 1 ----- (actual products to be revealed at auction) Products from Cast E Mag Damiki Borborleta Blend Smoked Honey Flying Fisherman Polarised Sunglasses ---- Auction 2 ----- (actual products to be revealed at auction) Products from Chiltons Tackle Co Fish Arrow Megabass Blend Smoked Honey Flying Fisherman Polarised Sunglasses Nominated Charities Auction 1 The winner of Auction 1 will deposit their winning bid with Drought Angels https://www.droughtangels.org.au/donations/ https://www.facebook.com/droughtangels/ Auction 2 The winner of Auction 2 pack will deposit their winning bid with Buy a Bale https://www.buyabale.com.au/donate/ We want to thank the following small business for joining us and putting something together at such short notice and for backing such a worthy cause. Please check out their websites, facebook pages , give them a like or subscribe and show some love • Blend Smoked Honey http://www.blendsmokedhoney.com/ • Chiltons Tackle Co http://www.chiltontackleco.com.au/ • Cast E mag https://castemag.com/ • Searing Tackle http://www.searingtackle.com.au If you unable to bid on the tackle packs but want to donate, please click the links above. It would also help to if you could let your mates know about the auction (sharing tagging etc) to get as many people participating as possible.
  9. Hi All We are starting a promotion that will see a $75 voucher up for grabs every month. All you have to do is either tag us (on facebook or instagram or both) in your pics of either your order that you received or in your fish pics of what you have caught on products purchased from us. At the end of the month a winner will be chosen and the voucher sent to the winner. The images below show examples on instagram. have a happy fishy weekend cheers Rob PS here is pic of a fat green water jobfish i got a few weeks ago at wyraralong. hit like a freight train
  10. i have seen jew in there, threadfin salmon as well up the river by the powerlines. I have been utterly destroyed in there a number of occasions. Massive rays have also robbed me of gear as well. It gets its fair share of big fish moving through. I have seen big barracuda way up by the little island as well. its a cool system
  11. not long to go till end of the month, i you like a report, nominate it
  12. Hi All We have just received some new gear into stock. Long time members will know how effective the Damiki 3 inch armor shad was, well now there is a paddle tail version of it. Bass to shallow water bay snapper will be my targets with these. and even better there is a 4 inch paddle tail version We have also received jigheads to match the 3 inch model. These come 5 to pack and are pretty sweet If you chasing deep water bass in sommerset or npd, then the underspin may be what you are looking for as well. All products are now up on our site and ready for shipping. ======================== In stock now. Afterpay and zipPay accepted All orders get a free lure Free Express post for orders over $80 ========================
  13. great report mate, bad luck about the fishing though, there is always next time