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  1. fishinfox


  2. I'd pick up a stradic ci4+ . Seem to be going for $199 at Anaconda and BCF at the moment. Grab the rod first and see how it balances with the reel.
  3. Just checking if anyone has a bottom section they no longer need. Thanks.
  4. Yep, that whiting looked like a survivor. Released to carry on surviving. Bit of a fluke catching that one on a lure. Can't beat catching whiting on surface lures in the Summer though.
  5. Headed out for a fish and managed a couple of unusual catches. Caught my first ever crab!!!!, and also managed to hook up to a one eyed whiting. Both caught on soft plastics. Picked up quite a few small flatties as well which were all released.
  6. I've got a number of spools of braid for sale. All are excellent quality japanese made 8 strand braids. Both brands are awesome , super strong and cast beautifully. The Duel is $30 a spool plus postage Duel PE 0.6 is white Duel 0.8 is white Duel 1.0 is Milky Blue and The YGK G-Soul is $32 a spool plus postage. Both the PE 0.8 and 1.0 are green with a white marking every 1m. The Duel is thin enough to get posted for $2 a spool using regular post but the YGK G Soul has to go in an $8.50 tracked bag. Max postage would be $8.50 for any number of spools. I've go more than one of each so if you are interested in grabbing 1 or more please send me a PM. Cheers
  7. Hi, I haven't used him yet but this guy comes recommended by our local tackle shop. He's on the Sunshine Coast but close to the Bells Creek exit.
  8. Dug up a picture of how good it looks for anyone who hasn't checked it out.
  9. Sounds like a good trip. Yep it really is a stunning place to fish and makes up for slow fishing days. Went up there a couple of years ago and managed 1 bass on the surface but hopefully heading back there later this year to do a bit better.
  10. Managed to head out for my first fish in a while. Only a quick session in the Maroochy river after work but I was happy to pick up a few bream and a PB (smallest ever) flathead. Never thought something that small could get its gob around that hook!
  11. Great looking flathead. Well done on the 75cm. I haven't managed to catch one that big for quite a while.
  12. I can't offer advice on how they feel but I've seen motackle are sellling their trions for $79. They have some baitcasters. If you use the code "save15" (before sunday) you'll get one for $67. You have to bump the order up to $125 for free delivery though.
  13. Nice. Thats a lot of great fish. Sounds like an excellent day.
  14. Yes its a 6'6" Areal pro. Can't beat that rod for the action it gives poppers. I love it. I have one camera on a railblaza boom. It sits above my left shoulder. I can swivel it around and move the whole boom round to get the selfie shots or take the camera out of the boom and put it in the railblaza holder that you can see next to the sounder.