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TOP 8 guesses


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As soon as it warms up I think - Awesome cricket season - my favorate, then it starts to cool down a little and I think awesome footy season - my favorate, just cant split em!!

Any how, thought I would start this thread so that in October we can look back a see just how close we all were. If your a sports junkie like me give us your top 8 in order and the two teams for the GF!

1. Dragons

2. Tigers

3. Raiders

4. Broncos

5. Bulldogs

6. Roosters

7. Storm

8. Rabbits

GF - Dragons V Bulldogs - Head

GF - Dragons V Broncos - Heart


PS. Cant believe no one has commented on my avatar - that is a seven year old future australian captain playing a perfect cover drive :woohoo: . Maybe nobody loves cricket as much as me :ohmy:

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