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Carbrook Boat Ramp Closed. Now Open Again


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Just reading on another site that the ramp at end of Ferry Road Carbrook ( The private one at the cable ski park has been closed till firther notice by WHS.

Apparently someone impaled his foot on a bit of reo last weekend and firebrigade had to come and cut it off ( The reo not his foot) under water and he had to go to hospital to have it removed.

Be a bit worried about infection with the sloppy gunk that is on the ramp.

The ramp at Skinners park is open.



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I went to launch the boat tonight and it was fully blocked off! I tried the smaller one further down and it was also pad locked up! Was wondering why this was. Deff not a good place to get a cut or impaled limb thats for sure! Cheers for the update rayke! Wish i read this earlier this afternoon though haha

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Probably put him out of business. New boat ramps are not cheap, (Last one I was involved with building was $50k and that's a few ears ago now), not to mention getting it past the greenies and the EPA. unlikely WH&S would ever let him reopen the old ramp, its been a mess for a long time now.

New more sensible legislation is in the pipeline, but not due until December 2011.

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