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Anzac Day 2024 - Redcliffe to the Pine


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11 hours ago, Neil Stratford said:

Yes my flathead spots have been very quiet for the last couple of years .

imo the waters been way too hot for them . 


I am leaning towards too many flushes or floods in the 13 years since 2011 has altered the habitat and or bait locations and cycles.

We get dusky flathead all along the east coast and deep into the Gulf....so I am not sure it is a temperature change that has them shut down. I used to catch lots in Mackay and the Capricorn Coast when I was there.

2011 saw every worm bed in the Pine River scoured to rock and repeated in 2013....the worm beds returned after 5 or 6 years and things started to normalise...since 2019 we have had reasonable to large flushes recurring randomly in relatively quick succession....some in season, others not.

I think this weather pattern needs a break....we actually need a drought to stabilise the rivers and creeks. Getting heavy flushes 4 times a year is not good year after year.

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On 4/25/2024 at 4:39 PM, mangajack said:

Redcliffe was loaded with boats....like a regatta....hundreds of boats everywhere.....pine was the heaviest i have ever seen it too.

2 small snaps, 1 decent flounder, more than 6 tailor up to 60cm.....went into the pine for a look...found a pile of fish near the slabs with two big jew under them.....i pinned 1 jew on 8lb line.....that finished as soon as it found out it was hooked. Raef got done by something decent on the rock shelf.....boated several brassy trevally and small jew.....got about 2 litres of prawns for lunch.

All fish released....

Nice report. Good to see there are some tailor getting around

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13 hours ago, mangajack said:

Tailor have been a problem for me since early December.....I try and avoid them.

Understandable, they can cause you to lose a lot of gear. For me they're still a fun fish and decent eating, although they aren't so fun when you lose a lure.

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