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Shimmano Sienna 4000 reel.

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  • Rebel changed the title to Shimmano Sienna 4000 reel.

Not here to defend Shimano but I thought Shimano was on 4 year release cycles anyway?  I mean there is the 20 Twin Power (D) and the new 24 Twin Power (E) and seems non SW Stradic was 2019 and 2023 release.  They do seem to do variant releases in between though…Curado 200 DC in 2022 then Curado 200 M was 2023.  

Try golf clubs….they update every two years and each new driver is apparently 10 yds longer than the previous.  On that basis - since I have been playing for 47 years I should be hitting drives over 700 yds.
I know Garmin runs a 4 year cycle on marine electronics.

Personally I think 4 years is reasonable - there should be a continuous drive for improvement by engineering departments and its why todays Stradic is probably as nice to use as a 2 series old Stella.

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It is all about Money. No new products, no money. I bought a Dawia reel about two years ago & Dawia mono line. Never again. I went off Simano reels & rods, because of quality. I have been buying Penn the last 3 years & haven't had any problems. The Shimano reel, the Sienna I mentioned before has been around a long time. Never updated except the price. $40 a year ago, now $80, same reel. As I said on special at the moment for $64. It is a good quality reel.


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To be perfectly honest, I love my stradics and i have maybe a dozen or so of them.

I bought 3 new, the rest I have bought off Marketplace for about 1/3rd of the current prices and generally they are either of the last two models.

I did buy a FH1000 two years ago for $25.....happily paid that for the reel and serviced it and upgraded to carbon fibre drag....it is a great workhorse. 

Don't be afraid to buy 2nd hand reels of a decent quality, plenty of people upgrade from $300 reels to $1000 reels for the **** factor.

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