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I only catch small fish & Bream? What am i doing wrong?

Bobby W

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Hey guys i fish quite frequently in the Camden River and surrounding rivers.

Im not sure if im doing something wrong but everytime i go fishing i catch aprox 20 small bream, whiting, flathead and flounder? Out of all those fish i might get 1 keeper if im lucky.

I dont have a boat and fish from the bank in different areas. And i dont know if I should change areas, baits or if this is just normal in my area.

If you guys could help me understand why my fish are always small thay would be great. 


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I dontcknow the river but my 1st thoughts are if your only land based then you could be fishing spots that get hammered by other land locked anglers.

But without knowing your rigs and your baits, times you fish and areas that you target it's had to be sure.

I've found if your catching lots of small fish then your usual fishing where the juvenile fish like to school up. The bigger fish usual stay away from the schools, on the edges or they hold better locations or cruise around chasing a feed.

Thats two possibilities.

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5 hours ago, Bobby W said:


Scents on dead baits?


Scent at any time can not hurt.

If you have a whiting patch sand bar that dries in your area, bury some fish frames or prawn and crab shells  within casting distance and fish a a metre or so down current of the scent....

This has worked for me several times in the past where the fish are scattered.

It does concentrate the smalls too unfortunately    but the bigger ones are there too.

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@AUS-BNE-FISHO @mangajack @Junky @Rebel @Bob9863

Thanks for the help Guys I have used your tips and it has been paying off the other afternoon I caught a 35cm Whiting and a 25cm Bream. Ill give you guys a bit of incite on the gear I've been using so you are able to see if it is ok and to provide more tips if needed. 

Rod: Daiwa 20 AIRD-X 702LXS

Reel: Daiwa 23 Aird LT Spinning Reel 2000

Main Line: Daiwa J-Braid Expedition 8lb

Leader:  Daiwa J-Thread Fluorocarbon 12lb


Bait: Ill use school prawns chopped in half for and pilchard cubes 


Rigs: I actually usually fish un-weighted ever since i was little, Size 0/1 Octopus hook with 30cm of leader onto a ball swivel connected to braided main line.

If there is current Ill use a paternoster rig onto a 3-way swivel with the same hook depending if im trying to catch


I don't fish that much with lures only on sad flats chasing flatties. i use a 65mm Bloodworm Squidgy curl tail prawn with a light weight jig 16th OZ size 0/1 hook with s-factor

Location & time: I'm not good a picking locations as im land locked and there isn't much structure ill post my river system on google maps so u guys can see. Now the times i try to go on peak High time just because it looks nice and I can see the fish hahaha. I don't have polo sonnies.

Also I heard the moon and clouds affect fish size is this true? I use Bite times to see if its good or not.

I really do appreciate all your guys help means a lot to me as no one has really taught me how to fish ahaha I have always just loved getting outside by my self and spending time near the water hoping to catch a feed for my self.

Thanks again guys

Map 3.PNG


Map 1.PNG

Camden Haven Area.jfif

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