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My Custom Fishing Rod --- Bindings

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G'day Everybody.

I recently decided to attempt to create my 4th custom rod. It was deeply inspired by the Daiwa Kix 23. (Black, Olive Green, Silver, Gold). It is a Samurai Premium Rod blank, 2-6lb, Medium Fast, 7'0.  All was done using Fuji reel seats and collars, guides etc. 

 Below are some photos:
I'm very proud of myself, I have gotten quite fast at it now, I did the design above the reel seat in about 2-3 hours. I completed all the guides and the tip in just over 3 hours. I planned to have done a full covering for the design on the bottom but I ran out of green thread. 
All the guides have had epoxy applied, (2 coats, very clear, no bubbles and very smooth and shiny). I will need to epoxy the reel seat design at some point otherwise, I am very happy with the outcome.
Please let me know if you would recommend the Daiwa Kix 23, in sizes 1000, 2000, 2500 or 3000? 
Thanks for all feedback in advance.
Kind Regards,
Peter K
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5 hours ago, Neil Stratford said:

Very nice !! You’ve done a great  job with it using some excellent components.

Have a look at a sustain 4000 . 
Fairly good quality reel that’s nice and light.

Dont you think 4000 is too big for a 2-6lb rod? I only really fish estuary rivers.

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Hi Ellicat, I'll be targetting the bread and butter with this rod so I don't think i'd need more than 200-300 metres of line, this would still be overkill i feel, no? do you think perhaps otherwise? all advice is much appreciated.

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I personally like using slightly larger  spinning reels .

I recon I   get greater distance in my casts with the  slightly larger spools , and you don’t have to put as much effort when continuously casting and retrieving lures and plastics .You also  often get greater line capacity which sometimes comes in handy if you come across an unexpected larger fish like a big  thready or longtail  ,they’ll empty those tiny 1000 and 2000 series  spinning reels faster than you can blink  .So long as the larger reel isn’t too heavy and the rod /reel balance feels good there’s  nothing to loose going up 1  or even 2 sizes. I think the Daiwa kix and Shimano sustains are pretty similar on paper. The Sustain 3000 is just over 10 percent lighter than the 3000 kix., but the 4000 models are pretty much both the same weights. 


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Sounds good, as I said only really going to target bream, flathead, whiting etc on this rod so I wouldn't go over 3000. Thanks for everyone's feedback, ideas and support. Tight Line, Peter.


PS. I was just using my 2nd custom rod which is identical only that it is black and silver coloured. ---- I managed to catch 4 bream in 1 hour on a risky critter, (29,30,31,34cm). I'm pretty stoked, sorry don't have any photos. 

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