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New Build - Shimano Vanford 5000 Compact XG + SAMAKI ZING XTREME V2 SPINNING ROD 15 - 30LB

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Just looking to get some opinions on a custom combo as the title says: Shimano Vanford 5000 Compact XG + SAMAKI ZING XTREME V2 SPINNING ROD 15 - 30LB.

Would this be a good combo or would a lighter rod like a 12-25lbs be more suitable?

I mainly fish land based off piers and rocks etc, with the occasional boating.

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Decent sized kings and jew it will be fine for...salmon flathead and bream it is way oversized....2-4 or 3-6kg rod for the last 3 fish.

You can catch some of the smaller fish on bigger rods but will likely miss most of them.

Opt for two setups.

Nothing wrong with the rod or reel....sized for larger fish though.

The thready below is a 1 metre thready caught on a 2-4kg rod with a 1000 stradic and 8lb braid - 14lb leader....caught 2 that afternoon on that setup, lost none. Pine River 3 years ago. Even small gear can comfortably land large fish if you don't get excited.




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Mate just bought a zing extreme v3….very impressive rods for the coin.   I drooled on the new Oceans legacy inshore rods at tackle warehouse on thursday.    Also very nice and within $50 of price of the Samaki- both much nicer in feel to the Nomad Seacore range.

I am with everyone else…Get a lighter 6-12lb rod with a 2500/3000 size reel and then a heavier for jew etc.  I think 10-20lb or 10-17lb is more than enough for anything we get in the Brisbane river in the Jew/Thready classes.


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I have got a couple of those Samaki rods. They are lovely to use and great value. The heaviest is a 10-20lb rod which I usually pair with either. 4000 Stradic or similar sized Daiwa Sol. Will handle most things but I probably wouldn’t try to swing a Jew up off the rocks. They are quite fine for the weight rating. No worries with average tailor, bream etc. Great snapper outfit. 

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I've got one of the reels, pretty good for the price, I put an oversized know on it and that makes it a bit better.

It's lived on 8kg rods and balances quite nice, not much it won't handle until you get into the really big stuff.

The only way to know for sure is to put the reel on the rod and see how it feels. But I don't think it would be undersized.

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