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I wish for a AFO search function that works properly. One that isn't filled with meaningless jargon in the options at the top. One that will actually find things.

E.G. Try finding (using the search engine) the 2011 AFO Footy Tipping Competition thread started by shortie about a month ago. I ended up going to Google :lol: , but it couldn't find it either (only the NCF one haha)

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There are two ways to search the forum and one way to search other sections of the AFO site.

1. Advanced Forum Search

The advanced forum search is a comprehensive search feature where you can filter forum results quite extensively.

You can find the menu link for this under the main menu FORUM > SEARCH


Or you can find the SEARCH tab in the forum menu tabs


2. Site Search

Site Search is where you can search for all items on the site (eg photos, articles, users).

You can find a menu link for this search at HOME > SEARCH


Or you can find a search field located in the main menu


You can filter by the types of items you want to search through. So if you want to search for 'snapper' in photos and also in the forum you select both the checkbox for photos and forum.


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