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  1. Hi Bulldog, I have a pair of Mako Sleek 9371 with the glass copper photochromic lenses. Very good glasses and the lens adapts to the light conditions. I have only used them a handful of times because I am usually too lazy to take them, and I just end up using my Oakley's. If you are keen I might be willing to let them go for a lot less than a new pair would set you back. Search them online if you want and let me know.
  2. billp


  3. There have been a few ink marks on the walkways around Wello, but they definitely haven't come in strength yet. I took the yak out over the grass beds on Friday afternoon, and only managed 2 babies, still too much floating weed which kept clogging the jigs. Need a good westerly to blow to settle everything down. I would probably try around Manly or Cleveland pt for now.
  4. This one would also be worth a look, similar to the Galeforce and Bonito, obviously an inspection would be needed being an older refurburded hule, but it looks good.
  5. I have seen some very nice Bonito boats getting around lately. They are a local builder and look very solid.
  6. Just wait for the next BCF sale and get yourself one of the little Garmins they have. I picked one up to replace my Lowrance a couple of months ago for $89. Not even worth mucking around with 2nd hand for that price. I find I need to replace mine every 2 years due to corrosion. Only becomes worth it if you are after a better quality unit.
  7. Always enter, rarely fish :), one day I will win that boat. Hopefully this year I can get a couple of hours on the water to hopefully get something to measure. The mystery length for the target species is a much better prize than the largest fish which is good for me.
  8. By all reports on sites like PolyboatOwners they are dryer then the Pollycraft, but like any centre console it can get wet.
  9. Have a look at the smartwave 4.8, they are a polly NZ boat, lighter then our Pollycraft, so better in creeks, and don't need as much donk to get them going. Plenty of size and room for what you would want. You might also get one for around your price range. They are very popular with the pros around Darwin for how they handle the slop, so pretty ideal for fishing the bay. If I ever get a boat it will be the Smartwave 4.2 or 4.8 depending on how much space I have to store it in.
  10. billp

    Smart Wave 4800

    There is a Poly Boat Owners site you could have a look at (called PolyboatOwners), there is a lot of information about the Smartwave boats and how they handle. I lot of people from up Darwin way have them and really like the comfort they provide in the choppy open waters they get up there. when I finally get some money and space a Smartwave 4200 will be my boat of choice.
  11. Just to chuck another one in the mix, have a look at the Smartwave 4200, their design is slightly better then the polly and a lot lighter, they are also a little dryer. You will be able to pick one up cheaper then both the options you have mentioned I think.
  12. 2nd hand 4.1 poly would be my suggestion.
  13. Wouldn't have thought you would get too much meat off a 25cm parrot? Good on you for getting out there.
  14. Have you had a look at the Smartwave 4200? Very much like the Polycraft's but lighter with the way they are made. Very good reviews on the Smartwaves, like most boats that come out of NZ. />
  15. It can be a special place on the right day, that's for sure. Congrats on picking up a feed your first time.