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Hinze eastern arm 28/4/24


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From seq water site. There used to be warning signs at both ramps but they were removed a few years ago. But still on website.

I no longer eat any fresh water fish due to if I want them I have to clean and cook myself. When Steve Wilkes used to have his father and sons weekends we used to cook them at the campsite and they were great. Hinze dam fish are one of the best eating fish from all the seq dams due to the absence of bony bream. Quite a few of my mates eat them regularly. From what I have seen from the reports the elevated levels were only in the larger fish and mates only take sub 40cm fish.



Affected Locations:



Western Boat Ramp at Hinze


Eastern Boat Ramp at Hinze Dam

Last Updated: Friday, 25 November, 2022 - 11:20

Seqwater has advised fishers to release and not eat fish from Hinze Dam because of naturally-occurring mercury.

Queensland Health has warned that fish caught in the dam are not suitable to eat due to elevated levels of naturally-occurring mercury in longer-lived fish.

For further information please contact Qld Health or go to Mercury in fish | Health and wellbeing | Queensland Government (www.qld.gov.au).

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