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  1. Thanks Benno, I have a PFD already, my service kit just arrived yesterday so will get onto that part pronto. I'll take a few weeks to look at Gumtree and see what's there, but keen to have one ready to go for spring when the fish come back on the chew a bit better. The wetsuit for Winter isn't a bad idea with water temps down here too. I'm hoping for some "in hull" storage, at least for key/phone etc but was going to get a dry bag in any case as hatches can leak. I think I'm set on a sit -on , thanks to all the feedback here. As much as the sit-in would be good in the cold, it will be harder to get gear sorted on the water. As for seat comfort, I'm likely to only get and hour or two at a time around family needs so if I can mange it for that it will be ok. Good to know about not really getting wet on the sit-on. It will definitely come in handy in winter and I'm only likely to fish flat water, or the occasional estuary when I can get down the coast.
  2. Thanks Ellicat, I'll be leaving it for a couple of weeks to see if anything comes up on Gumtree that's a dedicated fishing rig, but otherwise will probably just bite the bullet.
  3. A couple and they seem to be good as a general use kayak.
  4. Thanks Guys, On a tight budget, but looking at options. Maybe thinking of one of these: https://www.anacondastores.com/water/kayaks/seaflo-adult-kayak/BP90098727 at the moment with a rod holder. Light and have plenty of deck space for the kids. I could add a rod holder in front of the seat as I've checked and there's a pre-drilled mounting spot under a sticker (you can see it on the pic of the red version). Plenty of storage on the deck and enough weight capacity to ake me and some gear. Thoughts?
  5. Cheers Ellicat, How wet do you get in them? Noting winter gets pretty cold down here, I had thought the sit-in may offer a bit more protection from the freezing water.
  6. Cheers guys. I have my eye on one that has just popped up on Gumtree down here. It's a Perception Minnow. Now just trying to decide if I want a sit-in like the minnow or a sit-on-top. Tips or pros and cons would be great.
  7. SO I've made the call to get a kayak. More portable as I can just throw them on the roof racks. Looking second hand over the next few weeks/months to see what's out there...
  8. Hi Breaming with bro, you're more likely to catch redfin or the odd Yellowbelly than to snag a Murray cod on your first go. I mainly catch redfin down in Canberra and most of your bream lures will work on them. I've had the best success with a 2' pre-made swim shad in rainbow trout colour. It's only a cheapie Jarvis Walker lure from kmart, but has accounted for most of my catches. It also accounted for the one solid yellow I've caught. I mostly use my 2-4kg graphite rod with a 2000 reel loaded with 8lb mainline and 10lb fluro leader. I've yet to even get a hit from something big enough to bust me off, but then again I'mbank fishing dams and haven't ventured out into the rivers. Murray cod specialists generally use massive swimbait rods with 20lb mainline and up to 60lb leader as the murray cod can hit the metre plus mark. Hope you get onto some though, they're on my list of fish to try and catch. Like Dinodadog said, a 1/2oz spinner bait will work for the yellas and might get the cod interested. You can get the odd redfin on them too as they're not fussy when they're biting.
  9. The ACT is a bit different to most states, we don't have to kill carp or redfin. I think every other state you can't put them back. Apparently the wirrah is common on rocks and breakwalls down on the south coast. It's the only one I've every caught as most of my fishing has been in rivers or lakes. Certainly was a cranky character and full of spines. glad I had my gloves for getting him off.
  10. I haven't kept any yet. They have all been pretty small. Maybe if I get a 30cm+ one I'll give it a go. Might be able to get some decent little fillets off one. I've heard they're pretty tasty too.
  11. Hi All, Here's some of my catches since starting with lures and freshwater: My first lure catch, an Eastern Wirrah: Some of the Redfin I've caught in the local lakes My only Native so far
  12. Thanks for all the perspectives. I've also started watching some videos about fixing up old boats, so may head down that path (I have a bit of a thing of resurrecting old pushbikes, so this is a bit of an extension of that). Still a little over a year until the 40th so plenty of time to think.
  13. Thanks Ellicat, I have a box trailer so that may work. It all depends if I want to take the kids out as well I guess....
  14. I've been looking at the tinny vs kayak debate and trying to decide which to go for. Around Canberra a yak would let me access more of the lakes as there aren't may with boat ramps, but not sure my back would cope with lugging it around and lifting it onto the roof racks. Unfortunately I haven't been kind to my back in the past and it's already catching up with me. How do you find the yak, lifting etc?
  15. Hi Ellicat & Hamish Kids are still small, just now past the baby stage (youngest is 4). I've mostly caught redfin (european Perch) but have caught one 40cm Yellowbelly. That's my only native so far. I've started to fish with bigger lures hoping for a Murray Cod, but no luck so far. Might have to head to one of the rivers or try some different spots in the lakes. Time is still short but I'm generally getting out once every 1-2 weeks, which is a vast improvement on the recent past. We also head down to the coast a couple of times a year so I get some saltwater action from time to time. I'm only new to lures after growing up baitfishing, so I'm always learning as well. With the 40th coming next year, I figure I'll ask for a tinny again so I can get on the water and troll for the natives to shake things up a bit. Cheers.