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Tim a

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Good day all

Some how this saturday is completely free of everything. I want to try a new spot with plastics for anything but flathead would be good because its coming to their season. Any ideas? or anyone want to come?

Theres a high tide at 10:30 and a low 16:43.

Im really stuck for ideas!

All help apreciated.


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troy yes you are write, oh i might go down to the gold coast and do a pre fish at the narrang with dad.

blue_mako wrote:

Well Jordan and I are hitting up The Poo Shoot with some lures on Sunday. I think I'm working Saturday at the races and Jones' Tackle on Friday Night for the Saltwater Soft Plastics talk with Adam Royter. I think Ando is coming as well on Sunday, am i right? :unsure:


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