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  1. Thanks Ed - the taxman might come calling
  2. Thanks Benno - appreciate the help mate, that is awesome. Regards Terry
  3. Thanks Hweebe - appreciate all the advice - Thanks again - Terry
  4. Thanks Aussie - I was wondering how boats at the shelf stayed out at night in such deep water. I'm going to head out to the shelf soon and try for some Blues and maybe on good calm days venture a little wider than the Canyons and Neverfail and look for some Yellowfin.
  5. Thanks Cobia - I gather you are referring to areas like Shallow Tempest etc... - thanks mate for the heads up.
  6. Thanks Ell - will try the coleman first or plug in lighter kettle - the Inverter is a great idea, but as I already have an oven in boat I'm not sure I'd get the value out of it - but I like the idea- thanks for sharing
  7. Hi Guys As some of you may have already read, I am looking to do some over nighters in my boat - was going to consider Yellow Patch is wx was ok, but I was chasing snapper - is Yellow Patch ok for Snapper ?
  8. Hi Benno573 Thanks mate - I have a Cruise Craft 720 Explorer HT with a 300 yamaha - pic attached. Would appreciate when you have time if you could mark on a map where you used to anchor around Cape Moreton at night and what wind conditions you looked for at each spot.
  9. Hi Ed - I have one these Coleman Hyper Flames - I should maybe take that out as well with a kettle and fry pan, just put it up on the bait board when in use.
  10. Thanks Rayke1938 - that could be a definite I think, I have a fridge that plugs into a lighter socket on the boat - so that will definitely work.
  11. Thanks Aussie123 - appreciate all your help mate.
  12. Hi Ed - thanks mate, I have an electric winch on the front of my boat, 160 mtrs of rope, a lot of chain and a sarca anchor - hope this will do the job. - Would be interested to hear what swell wind conditions you think are ok for an overnight at Yellow Patch.