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  1. Yeah gummy are supposed to be nice eating. My mate ate Bull shark once and reckoned it tasted like absoulute dog turd. I put the same bully meat in a crab pot and the crabs wouldnt touch it either.
  2. Over the last 9 months i have had a hydrofoil fitted to my outboard. I originally fitted it becuase when the boat was loaded up it would fall off the plane at about half throttle, and would occasionally bounce if loaded to much at the stern. The foil has fixed these problems but, when going diagonal to the weather, the tiller gets heavy and tries to pull out of your hand. Not unholdable heavy but enough to be a pain in the arse when your an hour or more away from the ramp. What experinces do you guys have with the hydrofoils? Does your tiller do the same thing? I want to hear it Cheers,
  3. Some good advice above. Before i write i want to say, safety first Always. No one wants to hear of another boat going over out there. I dont know what boating experince you have if none/ not much i would say the boats a bit small. If your experinced i would say maybe. Anyway in the winter on nice day the boat would be fine IMO this is becuase the weather generally stays the same all day. In summer the day starts out beautiful with no wind at all, but in a few hours time the northerlys of anywhere from 15-30knots kick up. Trust us, Mud is not the place you want to be in a 3.7m tinny in 25-30 northerly. If you are unlucky enough to be out there in a strong outgoing tide, waves would be 2-2.5m and really steep. Green, St Helena and Mud have a truckload of tide which makes the waves really stand on you (you probably already know this stuff). If the weather looks good and you just go for a quick look to Green you would Probably be right providing your back before 10-11am. Plently of Guys have come unstuck over the years in that region when the weather kicks up so no matter what boat your in, remember to stay safe.
  4. Cheers for the info mate. I reckon after the 500m comment i might not be the only one from this forum having a sound around that area this weekend.
  5. 80hp on a 4m tinny! Mate you must fly. Have you got any photos? It has got to be a plate boat, you would have folded the transome if it was a press boat for sure? it might be about time to upgrade boat if your thinking a 115. @kmcrosby78 2 strokes have got more go than 4 strokes. I have seen blokes with as big as 60hp on seawasps which are 4m. I have a 30 on mine but would by a 50 if i had my time again. The tinny bashing kids/ adults on the gold coast put massive engines on little tinnys all the time.
  6. Nice work @Another Wazza. Was that West Peel arti? It doesnt say in his report. I think i might have a sound around if anything looks interesting i will have a cast otherwise i might go for a look elsewhere. The boys at the Pub keep telling me stories about the houseboat but i have been fishing it occasionally for 3 or 4 years and wouldnt have pulled 2 decent fish of it. My niggling suspicion that the "boys" are full of ____ is becoming a relization. Theres plenty of good ground in that vicinity that is more promising so if i get anything good there i will post pics and a report here.
  7. I am thinking about going for a look over West Peel Arti Reef in the coming weekends. Last time that i went for a sound over it i was hardly impressed, the marks that i have on the reef balls are flat as a pancake, with no shows of fish in the vicinity. That was May last year though. Is it worth my time? Have any of you guys got anything on it? On nice days you see heaps of people over there but whether they catch anyhting is a different story.
  8. Jeezus nice show on the sounder. Good tips as well. 62cm is pretty good for the southern bay by my standards anyway. It was a cracker afternoon to be out. Maybe my contributation is Fresh Bait, bait from the servo is not going to cut it. Note to self: If @Allnighteris at the ramp rigged up for snapper fishing follow him! (Just kidding of course)
  9. I dont know if it is just a coincidence but the guys who are guilty of pulling right up beside me always have all of the fruit. New boats, Min Kota, 50 rods, pumping music and the entire simrad catalog worth of electronics. Reminds me of saying "all the gear, no idea".
  10. It seems like some peoples preferred method of finding whiting is to pull up right beside other people. Which is rather annoying, not that you can complain when you are having a great day on the water.
  11. Maybe at high tide for northwest. Fitzroy was blasted out at the same time as lady musgrave. Fitroy just doesnt have an Island. The entrance is about 10-20ft deep.I slept in the boat last time i went there.
  12. Fitzroy reef is the same.
  13. Nicely done mate. Well done with the fish. It was definetly a beautiful Morning to be out.
  14. Mate thats the best story i have read in a while. Ever considered a career as an author? Shame you didnt get to have a good crack fishing but its an experience i dont reckon you will forget! Do you reckon you would go back to North west if the weather looked good? P.S thanks for typing your story up, it must have taken ages.