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mud island 16/4/09 great day


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i headed to mud island again early this morning and got there by 5:30 am, i hit my grassy spot and on the first drop i landed a nice grassy 31 cm, on the second drop i landed a nice lil 32cm squire, i was starting to think this is going to be a great day and a few more baits later my lil 3500 on the daiwa started screaming zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzz zzzzz zzzz after a quick battle i got a great 52 cm boatside, i was stoked :cheer: i quickly got the hook out and threw another bait out and sat the rod down to take some pics of the snapper and straight away i was on again, this time not as big but a 37cm squire came up before i could even get a good pic :laugh: i relaxed and did not throw another bait out til i had dealt with what was on the deck first.....i few piccys and i got back into it, i got another grassy of 31 cm and heaps of just under squire, until the tide stopped, then until about an hour after the turn it fired again, i got another 37cm squire and heaps of under size grassies, i all so got a shovelie and a few bream and tarwine and lots of friggin grinners, which cost me some good fish due to the nicks in the 20lb leader from the grinners, i ended up having to replace the leader after just about every grinner cause i lost some good snapper due to them... i dropped a nice flatty boat side as well but wasnt too worried as i had a great feed all ready, as for the weather it started out a lil rough but it flattened out, it glassed out for about 2 hours before picking up to 5 knots :laugh:

i ran out of bait by 10 am and tried for 2 hours to get a pike or tailor but got nothing :( all in all was a great and wonderful day atr mud island again, cant wait to hit it again and get my 90cm snapper from there :laugh: it wont be long now ;)

cheers for reading

wes [img size=375]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/grassy_close_up.jpg

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shotty tagging along and learning the area next time in ol faithful :D

you can have teck, though he did do a good job anchor bitching admittedly :silly: :laugh:

time to head to the mouth, cya fellas sorry bout full boat teck meister the boys came out of the woodwork tonight

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