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You cannot 'upload' videos to the forum, you can only 'embed' videos into the forum. Embedding means the video needs to be hosted elsewhere. The list of supported video sites are found by clicking the video button in the BB Code editor of the forum. The button looks like the icon below:


Then once you click that you will see the embedding video options. There are several ways to embed your videos. You can select from the providers listed in the drop down box or you can simply put in the url and click Insert Video. You dont need to put in the size and heights but you can if you want to change the size of the video


You can however upload videos to the Community section of the AFO site. You can upload in many different formats and the AFO site will automatically convert it to a .flv format for use on the internet and then you can copy the Permalink found underneath the video and paste that link in the forum


:) Let me know if you need more explanation

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