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Fuel Saver...?


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Hey guys

Just a heads up,

I make regular trips to the gold cast every weekend

and i always fill the tank before i go down and rate

what kind of fuel is wasting my money and engine.

Recently i have been trying different servos and fuel types,

This weekend rather than using the cheap fuel i used Regular

unleaded (95 octane i think?) any way last weekend

i filled up at BP and used over a quarter of a tank to the gold coast and back

THIS WEEK i only used half a quarter there and back?!?!?!? in a barina 2011 model

So im just letting you know after some thought it makes sense that higher octane fuel would use less so all in all it saves you money even though its more expensive

Sorry if its to long

Hope this helps some people who do long trips :)

Tight lines all round this easter People!

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The only accurate measurement is if you completely drain the tank and then fill it with the new type otherwise you will be running on a blend.

You also have to keep speedo readings and only fill the tank at the same ambient temperature as the fuel expands and contracts.

Ideally the test should be run over 1000ks on each type of fuel and on exactly on the same route.



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