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Daiwa Z2020sh- Help A Fisherman's Wife


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Hi all,

I am the wife of a fishing guide living in Townsville QLD. He works as a Barra Guide in Weipa QLD. 

I have been tasked with locating and purchasing a Daiwa Z2020SH reel, and this is my absolute last hope. 

Apparently this particular reel has been discontinued and is only available overseas. I have tried quite a few overseas websites and unfortunately they are all sold out as well. 

So I am reaching out hoping that someone on this forum either has (or knows of someone who has) one of these reels. Now it needs to be the SH version as it has a 7 ration and that is the only reel he will use.

I fear I may be divorced if I cannot locate and purchase this reel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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