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Vanish Review, Due To Lack Of Em

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Hey All

Thought I might just make a quickish review on the berkley vanish fluorocarbon mainlines due to lack of them on the wide net.

First impressions is that it comes in a pretty little box and u can see the line cleary and winds on the reel like a charm.

When on the water first time with it - a big bucket load of line came off it on the first cast, but after a dozen casts there was no line coming off the spool that would land on the floor. 

After a few sessions using it targeting bream, mullet and whiting in 6 and 8lb breaking strains i would safely say it is value for money, has great abrasion resitence, casts well, fairly sensentive, and is just a good fluorocarbon line.

Hope this helps someone out there, bout a month ago i was looking for vanish reviews madly so that insprised me to right reviews on gear that doesn't get as much reviews if not none. 

Thanks. Good fishing!

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2 hours ago, samsteele115 said:

Too thick for its breaking strain is my complaint for the vanish stuff, so I've stuck with sunline fc rock and it's been great 

Fair enough Sam 

I would think that would be a problem for lure fishing as u want the thinnest line possible, but for general bread n butter bait fishing .03-4 of a mm won't make much difference. 

The main concern I think is how easily the line comes off the spool in a cast that isn't perfect, but the problem soon stops after a dozen casts.

thanks for the feedback too :-) 

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