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Burley In The Bay

Lizard killer

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Does anyone know where I can buy frozen burley from.?       I was fishing bribie last week and a bloke gave me 2 blocks of burley and my god it was non stop action once the burley had time to work. I fished the shallows up near toorbul then went to bridge for turn of tide.  

It took about 10 mins. And I had a school of gar that increased by the minute and by the end would have had a school of hundreds that I could see.  I got smoked 4 times in 15 mins each time increasing my leader until I was using wire.  I'm pretty busy and don't have time to make my own and just easier to buy it.  

He said he was starting a new business and was doing testing on frozen burley blocks. I'm trying to remember the name but I can't think of it. Can anyone help does anyone know where you can buy frozen burley?  

If I remember I will share the name as there are probably others like me who don't have the time or freezer space to make my own. 

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